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Don’t give me your kidney!

“As is widely known, Culture and Sports Minister Chili Tropper donated a kidney to a man he didn’t know. His brother Avishai did so as well. It’s not just the Tropper brothers. In religious Zionist circles, kidney donation has become an ideal – part of an ethos.”

The above is part of an opinion piece in the “Haaretz” newspaper. The writer does not bring  this ethos to the attention of the public to admire and emulate. She claims it is yet another manifestation of the superiority complex of the national religious community in Israel; a group that sees itself as better than the rest and aims to define the character of Israel. This she warns is a danger that must be revealed to “enlightened Israel.”
In her view, national religious Jews line up to donate their body organs to whoever may need them only to prove a point. These are dangerous  people who must be exposed.
Love of fellow Jew and altruism  is nothing more than  sedition and a danger to the modern state of Israel
When reading this item I was  reminded of a similar  accusation against an entire group.
A few years ago, a doctoral candidate was applauded at the Hebrew University when she  wrote an original thesis.
According to her study, Israeli soldiers do not rape enemy women. This is a unique exception to the history of similar situations. Her conclusion was not that Jewish soldiers were of  better moral fiber than others.  She made a  scathing attack on the only army that does not fit the norm. Racists!
How else can one explain the data?
Clearly Jews are raised as children to be  racist so that as soldiers  they find any physical contact with Arabs as beneath their racial tolerance.
How low can a human sink!
It’s those Jews again. They think they are different.
 They are awarded doctorates from Israel’s best universities and write in it’s  most prestigious media explaining  to us that good is bad and bad is good(Just as the prophet Isiah said it would be).
That is not totally true.
Actually it applies only in the case where the  good deed is done by someone representing the  Jewish  nation or “God forbid”, religious. By definition it can’t be called good.
 Israel, in their view, needs to distance itself from  things national and religious and especially the combination of the two.
If this can successfully be accomplished we will finally be on the way to a “country of its citizens”
Destroy the Jewish state and create another on its ruins.
This is the goal.
This is the  ultimate battle.
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I made Aliyah after receiving an MA in International Relations. I have been writing articles about Israel since my arrival. I am a licensed tour guide since 1980. I served in the IDF. I am the author of ,"Jews, Israelis and Arabs" available on Amazon.
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