Don’t read this blog

Don’t read this blog because it’s not meant to be read.

Instead, take the 3-4 minutes you were going to invest in reading yet another blog and close your eyes and…

Despite the fact that our world seems to be growing darker and crazier from a never-ending onslaught of problems and challenges, from increasing anti-Semitic violence in places we never thought it would surface to an Australia that is being consumed by flames to the drums of war getting louder between the U.S. and Iran to (fill in the blank)…

Think about what YOU can do to make this world a better place. Think about what small acts of kindness you are able to perform each and every day to bring more light into the world. Not to confront the great darkness of our world head-on, but rather to infuse your immediate surroundings (home, workplace, neighborhood) with more light. With the faith and belief that these acts have the capability, and possibly are the only real way, to truly change our world for the better.


About the Author
Akiva Gersh is the editor of the book "Becoming Israeli" (, a compilation of blogs and essays that speak of the inspiring and the sometimes wacky and crazy experience of making aliyah. Akiva himself made aliyah in 2004 with his wife Tamar and they live in Pardes Hanna with their four kids. He teaches Jewish history at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel in Hod HaSharon. He is also a musician and in 2010 formed Holy Land Spirit, an uplifting and spiritual musical experience for Christian groups visiting Israel.