Don’t Vote for a War Party!!

You, as  a reasonable person, would think that the Labor and Meretz parties would be so ashamed of their record in bringing bloodshed and mayhem to Israel’s cities and towns and villages that they would have folded their tents long ago and slunk off in shame. Likewise, Tsipi Livni, who cannot be exactly identified with any party, agreed to a terrible cease fire resolution at the UN Security Council to end the 2006 war with Hizbullah. And she supported the maniacal unilateral withdrawal from Gaza which led to more blood and suffering among Israelis. (Parenthetically, can any of us forget running to a shelter last July which is one of the consequences of the unilateral withdrawal in 2005?) And then Livni stayed in the cabinet of the monumentally corrupt Ehud Olmert for three long years, and broke her promise to resign if the Vinograd Commission came up with an unfavorable judgment of the government’s conduct in the 2006 war. Yet neither Livni nor Isaac Herzog nor Meretz leaders feel too ashamed to keep on selling their second hand “peace” potions and elixirs to the naive and the young and foolish.

These politicians went off on peace adventures with politicians of an older generation who should have known better. And now they follow in the foosteps of their foolish elders in Labor and Meretz and Kadima [before Livni left that party because she lost a party leadership election to Shaul Mofaz. The woman has no shame.]

In the present election campaign, Herzog, Livni and Meretz are being aided by the “anybody but Bibi” efforts of community organizing experts sent from Washington by the OneVoice outfit which is a partner of the State Department, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The European Commission of the EU (the European Union’s governing body), and the  New Israel Fund [NIF], among others [see here & here & here].

Given that OneVoice is close to the Obama administration which supported and preferred the Muslim Brotherhood for government of Egypt and wanted Israel to accept mediation in the 2014 Gaza War from Turkey (which has never acknowledged the Armenian Genocide) and from Qatar, a slave state in the 21st century, any govt set up by Livni-Herzog and supported by Washington is likely to be a government of more “peace” adventures which are likely to get many more people killed.

Don’t vote for the war parties!!

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How peace movements helped bring about WW2 & the first Peace Now Movement during that war:                 

About the Author
Elliott A. Green is a writer, researcher, and translator living in Jerusalem. He has published in Nativ, Midstream, the Jerusalem Post, and other publications.