Michel M.J. Shore

Dr. Albert Schweitzer- Your Past Continues to be Seen and Heard in the Bach Music

(Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1954)-whose presence entered my life as a teenager when my mother, Dr. Lena Allen Shore, received his last hand-written letter subsequent to reading her books)

Doctor Albert Schweitzer played Bach’s notes,
Yet, once, again, on the organ for me.
Over and over, I hear the timeless pieces
By Schweitzer, forever alive.

In thought, word and deed, throughout the ages,
His spirit brings a wave of wonder,
Devoted to G-d and each human being,
As a theologian, organist and physician.

The music of Bach enters my being.
By a lake in Lambarene, he still sits
In stillness, with parents of a patient,
He could not save; he cries in silence.

I listened to the chorales, the preludes,
Fugues, toccatas, as his life unfolds…

Once again, I hear his organ music play…

About the Author
Michel M.J. Shore is a retired judge of the Federal Court of Canada and recently made a home in Israel. He is the writer of several published books and poetry collections.