Due to Fat Jokes, Trump Supporters Leaving in Droves (Satire)

Droves of MAGA supporters and insurrectionists have abandoned the Trump camp due to the Donald’s fat jokes aimed directly at Chris Christie’s belly. Even the Don’s jock supporters (JS) aren’t laughing at his fat jokes.  One JS said, “The Donald calling Chris fat is like the pot calling the kettle black. It ain’t right. I will not vote for that man!”

Another chubby Trumpster voiced his concerns, “Some of my best friends are fat and they told me to warn Donald that he better jump on his scale before he picks on anybody else. The chubby also joked, “The Donald is so stupid that he thinks the French word for fat Americans is “Buffet.”

Trump has recently started selling, made in China, anti-Christie, red, white and blue baseball caps emblazoned with the words: “I Hate Fat People.” Trump bragged, “We ‘ve already sold over a million of them. Even fat folks are buying and wearing these beautiful hats. They know how to laugh at themselves.”

However, the medical community isn’t laughing at the former president’s fat jokes. The American Medical Association (AMA) clearly voiced their concern. “Making fun of obesity is tantamount to laughing at America. The former president better look in the mirror before he picks on other fat people.”

Recent studies in the American Journal of Morbid Obesity (AJOMO), which is written by the very fine people at Harvard University, found most Trump supporters are morbidly obese and stupid or have spouses or significant others that are obese and stupid. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters have found their significant others going to bed crying after Trump’s fat-joke attacks on Chris Christie. One MAGA man said, “The Donald has lost my vote. If I voted for him, my fat wife said she’d divorce me.”

When asked about his child-like behavior, Trump claimed he never read ChatGPT’s analysis of fat jokes.

Fat jokes are considered unfunny and often offensive for several reasons:

  1. Body shaming: Fat jokes typically target and mock people based on their weight or body size. This kind of humor promotes body shaming, which can have a harmful impact on individuals’ self-esteem and body image. It perpetuates the societal pressure to conform to a particular body standard and reinforces negative stereotypes about overweight individuals.
  2. Bullying and discrimination: Fat jokes contribute to bullying and discrimination. Making fun of someone’s weight can lead to the marginalization and social exclusion of overweight individuals. It reinforces a culture where people are judged and ridiculed based on their appearance, which can result in psychological distress and emotional harm.
  3. Impact on mental health: Weight-related jokes can significantly impact a person’s mental health. They can reinforce feelings of shame, embarrassment, and low self-worth, leading to increased stress, anxiety, and depression. In some cases, individuals may develop eating disorders or engage in unhealthy behaviors to fit societal ideals of beauty.
  4. Lack of empathy: Fat jokes often stem from a lack of understanding and empathy towards the experiences and struggles of overweight individuals. They trivialize the complex factors that contribute to weight gain or make it difficult for some individuals to lose weight, such as genetics, medical conditions, medication side effects, or mental health issues.
  5. Inclusive and respectful humor: Humor should aim to bring people together and uplift others rather than target specific groups for ridicule. By avoiding fat jokes, we can create a more inclusive and respectful environment where everyone feels valued and accepted for who they are, regardless of their body size.

It’s important to note that these reasons apply not only to fat jokes but also to jokes targeting any other aspect of a person’s appearance, ethnicity, gender, or any other personal characteristic. Respecting others and promoting empathy should be the foundation of our interactions and sense of humor.

Another Trump supporter said, “I know the Donald is a bully. He doesn’t respect others. He has no empathy for anyone but himself. He doesn’t know how to say, ‘I’m sorry’ but he better change his tune quickly or he’s going to lose his base. It’s one thing to make fun of women, the disabled, Blacks, Jews, or the LGBT community but he crossed the line when he attacked us fat folks. His behavior is deplorable. But the Donald better remember this, us fat folks have been humiliated for hundreds of years in America and we ain’t going to take it anymore.”

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