Eight Crazy Gifts: Your Hanukkah Gift Guide

The gift-giving season is fast approaching and as Adam Sandler says, “instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights!” Well, now we have a list of eight crazy presents to make gift giving just a little bit easier this year.

  1. Fidget spinners everywhere! It seems everywhere we look these days fidget spinners are in everyone’s’ hands. Luckily for us there is now a kosher version. Amazon sells a three pack of Hanukkah Dreidel Spinners for only $19.95.  There is a little arrow in the middle and instead of three arms there are four for nun, gimmel, hay, and shin. It’s a new and improved way to win chocolate.
  2. Perfume or cologne is always a lovely gift to give, but to give it a more personalized touch check out Sue Phillips has created a quick and easy way to create your own scent based off of a short quiz of your interests and tastes; you can order three different sizes and the price varies from $55-$195. If choosing your own scent makes you nervous, there are pre-made scents for any type of person. For four different sizes, you can spend $25-$85 on numerous fresh, floral, woodsy, or even spicy scents.
  3. Who doesn’t love a good neck pillow? They’re a cushy, easy way to travel comfortably. Thanks to Brookstone for $59.99 there is a new way to travel in style. FaceCradle Travel Pillow has five different positions you can switch to–you can even sleep face first if you feel like it!
  4. Most people are afraid to touch subway polls or bathroom door handles, but for some reason it’s okay to put or drop your phone anywhere and still put it to your face. Uncommongoods sells PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer, an ultraviolet phone sanitizer that zaps all those nasty germs away. An on-the-go pack sells for $19.95 and a full on phone sanitizer goes for $49.99. Never feel gross about leaving your phone on your pillow again.
  5. Ever wish you were a main character in Game of Thrones? Now you can be! Thinkgeek sells the Destiny Lord Saladin & the Iron Wolves Figure Set, the little wolf and lion pieces they use for plotting points on a map, for only $19.99. But wait, there’s more! Not only do you look cool having them in your house, but they’re actually useful too. These map marker salt and pepper shakers are a great conversation piece. The best part is that if someone doesn’t know where it’s from,  there’s a built in response of: you know nothing, Jon Snow.
  6. Remember when onesies were just meant to keep babies warm? In the past few years they have now become popular with adults for costumes or pajama parties during the winter. Target sells really cool ones for $27.99 of our favorite superheroes, Disney or Star Wars characters, and much more.
  7. As we know the holidays are approaching, which means a lot of holiday parties. Thanks to Chateau Spill – Red Wine Stain found on The Grommet, for less than $8, we no longer need to fear drunkenly spilling red wine all over.
  8. Splendor is a great game to get. It’s a strategy game where you can buy and upgrade gems to gain points. A perfect game for a  long or short Shabbat to play with friends for a couple of hours without getting bored.  2-4 players, ages 10+, and only a half hour game (but you’ll want to play it more than once.) Amazon sells it for only $31.99.
Ask Bubbe

Bonus gift! If you purchased and loved Mensch on a Bench last year, you’ll love their new Ask Bubbe doll. Real Bubbes are just way too busy to constantly be visiting, but just for $19.99 on Amazon you can have another Bubbe watching over you year round. Ask Bubbe actually speaks Yiddish and has a bunch of nifty phrases to share.

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