Electile Dysfunction

Our political system, and especially the parties that comprise it, has a fatal disease, known as Electile Dysfunction! This infection has been confirmed by the latest election results!

The desire is there but the parties disappoint their partners.

They cannot get it up (the number of seats they need to govern) and in the end, nothing happens, no matter how hard they try or how much they want it to.

There is total and complete political impotence.

Unfortunately, no medicine or little blue pill has been found that will cure this terrible disease. The only hope is for psychological help, in the hope of changing their fixations and attitudes, but the chances are slim. Divorce is the best option, but long term habits are not easily changed and the partners are entrenched in their impossible positions.

Basically, there is no hope – neither for the parties nor for the rest of the population.

About the Author
Richard Steinitz is the published author of THREE novels - The Voyage of the Stingray, Murder Over the Border, and Kaplan's Quest, as well as a free-lance provider of of ​English language ​services: ​​Hebrew-to-English translation, ​proofreading, copy-editing, content-writing, basic graphics and image manipulation, ​and more. He worked for an international educational publisher for almost 20 years as their local representative, until his retirement at the end of 2015. Born in New York City, Richard came to Israel on a visit in July 1967, and returned a year later to see what life here is like. He's still here. Richard is married to Naomi, father of Yael and Oren, and grandfather of two.
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