Electing ANY Democrat-POTUS WILL Destroy America – Part IX: Cancel Implications

Before updating the “statue/monument” and Google *moral* purges, it’s desirable to provide a personal observation regarding how vital the aggregation of this information appears to be AND how vital the Durham/Bash investigations promise to be; in addition, the desirability of consulting a unique news-aggregation/analysis site is explored. {Articles set-off with asterisks (*) are best appreciated when read in their entirety.}


Dramatizing how the Cancellation Culture impacted me was a posting by Max Bleich (מקס בלייך) in response to yesterday’s essay [“Should the Times of Israel be publishing this racist rhetoric?”]; he has emblazoned his Facebook Homepage with praise for both BLM and “Free Palestine” and his postings extol the praise of “intersectionality” while disseminating Dem-oriented talking points.

In response, Judith Brown asked Mr. Bleich to “please explain why the article was racist. Why is the truth racist and why, for lack of thought, you resort to the now so obviously inane argument (or lack thereof) that [anything] against your opinion [is] ‘racist.’ It was factual and to the point and maybe others will have the sense and b-lls to say it as well. Enough is enough.”

This illustrates the ongoing/burgeoning focus on the intent of Dems to censor history which, as detailed earlier, it focused on displacing Trump in November, prompting distillation of policy contrasts while posing the question as to whether *America will choose civilization or anarchy*; others have warned that *everywhere statues are torn down by the mob, history promises people are next*.

Presaging the elaboration to follow are observations themed on the view that societies that erase their history *doom* their future because, per Sen. Tim Scott, “Tearing down history is not how we make progress”; characterized as “History, You’re History is the observation that a prominent prep school jilts George Washington for not being “relevant.”


Note again the unique news-aggregation/analysis c/o “*Ace of Spades*”; this continues to alleviate disappointment that so many germane issues haven’t been captured due to the rioting strife. {Articles set-off with asterisks (*) are best appreciated when read in their entirety.}

This ‘graph illustrates the wisdom of having changed the ongoing title of this series of postings from a conditional (“Could”) to an absolute (“WILL”), again, as per the suggestion of my childhood friend;

As I have stated before, even if President Trump wins reelection, which I think he is going to, we are never really going to be able to vote our way out of this in the future. One major political party is a de-facto hostile alien power intent on imposing its will on the nation, by deceit, corruption, bureaucratic fiats and a puppet judiciary. Its political allies, for the time being, – Antifa and BLM – are terrorist organizations that also desire to overthrow the nation and subjugate the citizenry “by any means necessary.” With at least two generations of Americans brainwashed by academia into seeing the overthrow of the nation as a reasonable and even desirable goal, this problem does not end this November.

In lieu of reprinting its greatest hits (and juicy one-liners), it’s apt to cite the meat of one referenced essay (“The Facts of Life Are conservative, Even After Tulsa”):  [1]—The sabotaging of Trump’s rally also destroys the argument for mail-in balloting; [2]—The absolute and utter self-generated collapse of the gun control narrative; [3]—You’re irresponsible for not submitting to COVID-19 house arrest — unless it’s for “mostly peaceful” protests; [4]—We’re just after those racist Confederate statues. Honest!; and [5]—Black Lives Matter, except not in the womb or on the streets of cities run by Democrats.

The major thematic observation is, fortunately, coupled with an action-item (*America’s Jews and Christians Are Failing the Test of Their Lives*); unfortunately, Dennis Prager omitted a key Biblical reference (“Noah was a righteous man in his generation and God walked with Noah”) that illustrates the danger of applying the classic-lib “moral relativism” to what should be “situational ethics.”

Thus, destruction of memorials “in our time” is nixed if the personage was noble “in his/her time,” recognizing that everyone has flaws (and that the world invariably spins upon its axis); that the Cancel Culture long ago went amok is to be detailed tomorrow.


Although I disagree with his politics, *John Oliver’s* condemnation of Confederacy symbolism is persuasive; I have always felt that the ideal remedy for unpleasant speech/statues is more speech/statues (just as long as they don’t promulgate violence).

This is why, regarding Philly Mayor Rizzo, rather than removal of his statue/mural, those who would want to counterpoint his impact would be better advised to erect/paint more statues/murals; yet, as my son has argued, Confederate symbolism (particularly that which emerged in the 20th Century) could be relocated to museums.

The “chicken vs. egg” phenomenon must be tackled in this regard, for some argue the Confederacy was a manifestation of “states’ rights” (creating a “War Between The States”) while others claim the Confederacy was spawned by sincere desires to maintain slavery (yielding a “Civil War”); because the Constitution lacks an “escape clause,” were the Southern States merely trying to secede as a manifestation of “federalism”?

Because the advocates for slavery (arguably dating back to 1619) are basically dehumanizing (regardless of whatever economic motivations were conjoint), this must be viewed as the original sin, with the supporters thereof ADOPTING the intent to secede so as to satisfy this venal desire; thus, along with exposing the true underpinnings of the “3/5 rule” conjured during the Constitutional Convention, THIS INFO MUST BE CAREFULLY TAUGHT, for it carries both historical and contemporary import.

Of course, hypocrisy abounds among lefties who successfully achieve political aims through violent coercion by trying to tear down the Andrew Jackson statue near the White House to establish a new Autonomous Zone  presaging *Ancien Regime* change and by tearing down the statue of POTUS/General Ulysses S. Grant in San Francisco; blame for what has occurred has been directed both at Dems and (in particular) at *Conservative Cowards*.

Commentators have feared that this will progress/digress into destruction of the Judeo-Christian foundation of America noting, for example, that race-activist Shaun “Talcum X” King called for the removal of all “White Supremacist” Statues, Murals and Stained Glass Windows of “White Jesus and his European Mother”; why else would criminal leftists have torn down the statue of Roman Catholic Spanish Priest St. Junípero Serra in San Francisco?

These anarchists conveniently forget that tearing things down does not help others rise up, explaining why cancel culture is so unnerving; one wonders how a witness could have been invited to advocate (testifying to the Dem-controlled House Energy and Commerce committee) for the elimination of “whiteness.”

“Decolonizing” bookshelves has even been advocated, an anti-intellectual gambit that’s contrary to common sense; yet, to “end discrimination” it’s necessary to “decolonize minds” according to the French Human Rights Commission.

This effort to purge bookshelves has extended into the LGBTQ arena, after authors protested J. K. Rowling’s “Sex is Real” stance claiming that, unless “structural inequalities” change, speech freedom cannot be upheld; when her publishing staff threatened to quit unless her new book is cancelled and/or to boycott her due to her anti-trans views, she doubled down, claiming (correctly) that transgenderism hurts women and, in the process, exposed the misogyny of the Woke.

She threatened the Left because she’s a feminist who affirms women’s dignity; although the Washington Post averred the World’s Most Successful Female Writer must quit over the unforgivable sin of lacking Wokeness, her Literary Agency defended her.

This perspective is also probably shared by Sen. Marsha Blackburn, as she pushes the DoJ to examine Google’s power over Free Speech; were an antitrust suit to be filed, a big winner would be Rupert Murdoch.

(Curiously, Google ad revenues are anticipated to dip as market becomes a “triopoly”; curiously, also, Google has been manipulating its search results to Ensure ANY THREE DIGIT NUMBER will show COVID 19, creating what has been termed “Panic-Porn” at the top of the resulting list.)

Finally, Trump has sent a warning to anarchists trying to destroy Federal Monuments:  “Bring Your Toothbrush!”; amazingly (perhaps not so surprisingly), Twitter (one of the Masters of the Universe) censored Trump (again) over this warning to lawless agitators “abusive behavior.”


David Icke discussed how a handful of social media monopolies control everything that we say and that we see after these trillion dollar behemoths imposed a (timeline of) Censorship shutdowns, per these clips:

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