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Election Jitters!


We are down to the wire.  Many performers get the jitters before their final act.  However, the impending election jitters are different because there is a lot at stake. While latest polls are mixed, it is looking less optimistic for the Center/Left.  That is precisely why those who want a change must vote for one of three parties: Blue and White, Labor or Meretz.   Though under normal circumstances, any of these would do.  However, at this moment, it is important to think strategically.  According to latest comments by Yair Lapid, if Blue and White wins by four mandates or more, he believes that his party will form the next coalition.  Without that boost, we will be undoubtedly be treated to another chunk of time with Benjamin Netanyahu.  For many, he is the leader of choice.  However, with his pending indictment (and strong evidence for his guilt), it is conceivable that President Rivlin will not have any choice but to opt for other solutions.  What these might be are unknown.

Given the above, this is a personal appeal to vote strategically.  In the past the voice of this blog has been of a somewhat comic/satiric nature.  However, these words are of a somber nature.  For anyone reading them, I beg you to vote strategically.  You may not agree with my analysis (or Lapid’s), but please try to think things out logically (not emotionally).

Those of my artistic friends who contemplate voting for Moshe Feiglin either out of impulse or joke, please note that in today’s press he has called for the immediate  building of the Third Temple.  Please digest this.  Please digest it well.

As Benny Gantz has stated, this election may very well determine the survival of Democracy in Israel.  This has many ramifications: the nature of the Supreme Court, the freedom of Arts, the future of Health Care (for all of us), and the continued funneling of precious financial resources to the Far Right, including religious zealots.

Finally, no matter what, please go out and vote; also, please make sure your family and friends vote.  Thank you.

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Stephen Horenstein is a composer, researcher and educator. His repertoire of musical works has been performed and recorded worldwide. He has been a recipient of the Israel Prime Minister's Prize for Composers and the National Endowment of the Arts (USA). His teaching has included Bennington College, Brandeis University, Tel Aviv University, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance; residencies at Stanford University, York University, California Institute of the Arts, and others. He is Founder and Director of the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music, established in 1988 to bring the music of our time to a wider audience.
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