Elections 2013: Israel Wants Equallity and Opposes Racism

The Israeli public stressed that the country needs a new agenda. While supporting the two state for two peoples solution, Israelis voted to the central parties and put the radicals, from both sides, outside the game. Israelis of 2013 want to see their state headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, but led by all the major moderate forces in the society – Likud-Beiteynu, central Yesh Atid and the Labor.

Most of all, the Israelis want to see their state to implement equality regardless religious believes and ethnic origin of its citizens. Israelis want to see the Ultra-orthodox community serving in the IDF together with the rest, they want to put the religion outside the politics and most important, Israelis of 2013 despise the racism by voting against Shas and the radicals.

New agenda, new hope and maybe the beginning of a new era.

About the Author
David is a Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellow in Harvard University and the founder of "Ambassadors Online" public diplomacy program.