Jorde M. Nathan

Elections Have Consequences

Elections have consequences. They even have consequences for Jews. George Bush’s (Republican) Secretary of State James Baker said it out loud: “Fu#@ the Jews… they don’t vote for us (Republicans) anyway.”  Perhaps the Jewish vote is being taken for granted.  Should it be? Is it ok for Democratic politicians to take the Jewish vote for granted? And if they do so, are there and should there be consequences for them and for the Jews?

Dearborn, Michigan. That community is treated as if it has a singular voice, which says, “Hey democrats:  don’t take us or our votes for granted.   We vote too. “And Dearborn’s voice is heard and plays strong in the political arena. It is not taken for granted. What if the Jews and the Jewish voice adopted this strategy?

What if the Jews said, “Hey democrats, we are watching your moral compass related to the Hamas terror-rape assault on babies and women and innocent Israelis. Don’t take us for granted.”  What if the Jews said, “Hey democrats, we are listening and waiting for your condemnation of campus antisemitism and your voice is weak.”  Don’t take Jews for granted.  Jews vote too.”

What if Jews as a vote were not taken for granted as related to US voting at the United Nations. Would the United States have abstained from a UN vote demanding an Israeli ceasefire without mention of 10/7 brutalities or a demand that Hamas return the kidnaped hostages? Would our government behavior be any different with the Jewish vote and consequences at stake? Actions have consequences. Elections have consequences. Jews vote too.

The political framework is being set in Dearborn. And that has consequences. “This president must decide if loyalty to Netanyahu is worth delivering Trump the election in November,” progressive activist Nina Turner posted on X. “He must decide.”  The President must also consider condemnation of Jew-hatred on campus. He might also decide whether to tolerate antisemitism or to condemn it and advocate ways to remove it from campus quads.  Playing both sides may not be an option. Supporting “both sides” is the same as supporting neither.  Don’t take Jews for granted.   Jews vote too.

And the President may even consider visiting a university at some point – say Columbia, for example.  Others have. Republicans put forward Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. He condemned hate and demanded removal of antisemitic threats. The Democrats presented Representative Ilan Omar; she chose to spew hate and spread jihadi spawn. She chose to shake hands with Khymani James, who openly stated “Zionists don’t deserve to live.”  These actions have consequences. Jews vote too.

Who can imagine a sitting (Democrat) Congressman openly embracing an advocate of Jew murder? That is as absurd as Farrakhan supporter Terrence Muhammad visiting the Biden White House some seven times. This is moral corruption directing a political nod to Dearborn. Don’t take the Jews for granted.  Jews vote too.

Such political kow tow has even hit Senate Leader Chuck Shumer. For political expediency, Shumer makes a call for regime change of an ally Israel; yet Shumer is nowhere to be found on the Dearborn vs. humanity hate debate. Shumer is not on campus. Shumer is not leading the charge supporting women and their right not to be raped by Hamas. Y’Shaya, sadly for you, even your politicking to the anarchists does not protect. You too are a Jew and the haters outside of your home wish even you a Judenrein “from the river to the sea.”  Help the Jews Senator Shumer.  Show your colleagues not to take the Jews for granted. Jews vote too.

About the Author
Jorde M. Nathan is a former Managing Director at Barclays Capital responsible for distributing and sourcing par and distressed loans. Prior to Barclays, Mr. Nathan joined Lehman Brothers in 1994 to launch a loan origination and trading business. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Amherst College with a major in Chinese. Jorde has lived in London, Hong Kong and Beijing and speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and limited Hebrew. Nathan is past President of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Midwest Region and serves on the National Board. Mr. Nathan has served on the Board of Directors of Solomon Schechter Day Schools and on the Endowment Committee of the Jewish Federation. He is an alumnus of the Wexner Heritage Foundation and a former member of the United Jewish Communities National Young Leadership Cabinet. Jorde is a Zionist and has visited Israel nearly 20 times…leading missions, bringing first-timers, leading the annual “Nathan Family trip” and participating in the Nachshon missions. The Nathan Family consists of Jorde, wife of 33 years Helene Diamond Nathan from Vancouver, British Columbia, and four day school children Reeven Earl (30), Sophie Charlat Diamond (28), Chase Chaiim Tzvi (27) and Levy Yitzchak (23). Jorde is an avid fly tier and fly fisherman and spends his days learning Talmud at the Hebrew Theological College and leading opinion regarding the US/Israel relationship. The Nathans live in Chicago and Park City.