Here they go again, the Women of the Wall

Speaking of damning….

Women of the Wall sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in November, pointing out that a large, grand and public hanukkia is placed in the men’s section every year for the holiday and lit by men.
“Hanukka is a festive opportunity for the public to gather, like a family, to share in celebrating the miracle and wonders of the survival of the Jewish people and the light in our lives,” said Women of the Wall chairwoman Anat Hoffman. “To enable this, a beautiful hanukkia would need to be placed in the women’s section, so that we could conduct a festive ceremony in accordance with Jewish law for women,” she continued.”

Upon reception, the prime minister passed the letter to his Deputy Religious Services Minister Eli Ben-Dahan, and that letter ended up at the desk of Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, the rabbi of the Western Wall and the holy sites. As expected, thankfully, Rabinowitz rejected the request, explaining that the traditional ceremony in the men’s section is precisely what brings people closer to Judaism and unites the Jewish people in Israel. “I was greatly saddened to read the request of this group… which does not stop for a moment to arouse disputes at the Western Wall,” the rabbi said.

However, we, Jewish women have nothing to complain about…

As such, it would be a mistake for me to remain silent.  I have therefore, some questions.

WHERE are women the ones who transmit their religious adherence to their progeny? Only in Judaism women are the key element without which, no child could be Jewish, while fathers transmit the tribal lineage.

WHERE are women the designated ruler in their homes, in charge of their children education, so key to safeguard our Jewish heritage?

WHERE have women had such active and prominent role in their history, in the lives of their religious communities as we?

WHERE have women become Queens who have interceded and stopped rulings against our people and other similar deeds that have saved us throughout the centuries?

WHERE have women become respected prophetesses, throughout millennia, from Matriarch Sarah, to Miryam, to Deborah and all the others in between and thereafter?

WHERE have women sacrificed their sons, as Channah did, for the cause of G d because it was the right thing to do?

Women of the Wall are an idolatrous bunch.  And who’s their idol?  Themselves!  They idolise themselves, power thirsty, frustrated women that cannot deal with having a submissive and yet loving role in life.  After all, at work the story changes but here we are speaking of ‘life’, life with our families.

That’s why they never mention G d.  That’s why their only goal is to assert themselves.  Based on an ungrounded complex of inferiority they look for attention and, by the same token, they want their own rules. All they want is their freedom, freedom to do whatever they want, however they want.

They look for power because they are unable to accept that we women are not men and our place is a different one as theirs yet as powerful though they may not believe it.  Maybe they should create their own religion, and leave Judaism for those who want to stick to it for the simple reason that G d commanded it.

The Creator of the Universe established a very well organised SEDER in His Universe and it is filled with rules that are perfect, making the world almost perfect by design -because the only thing perfect, is Him.

He gave the Torah for the Land of Israel and for Jews in and outside Israel to follow.

Torah is not a menu that you were given to, please, pick and choose and take as much as you wish, or add/remove ingredients at will.

Torah is a set of religious legal rules and laws. It is accompanied by all other books as the Gemarah, Tanach, Pirkei Avot and many other that have followed including the Shulchan Aruch.  Our sages are not plain wise people.  They are studying day and night and in doing so, those men are among the wisest the world has ever seen.

At the Kotel? I have already prayed there, in the women’s section and never felt diminished or ashamed because of that. No. That was my place.

So, Women of the Wall who want their freedom and are so displeased and feel so segregated with our religion, they probably would do better to turn their backs on Judaism which is obviously too constraining for them, and look for another horizons altogether.

I know too well that I will be attacked for writing what needs to be put in perspective but I don’t see why should I not say my opinion loud and clear when they do and get the headlines for often trying and finally breaking the ceiling of something so holy and so precious as is Judaism, our most intimate connection with G d.

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Eliana Benador is a contributor to The Blaze, founder of Benador Associates, the former political PR, media maven, international strategic risk consultant, opinion writer. Has a thorough knowledge of Islam based on years as consultant/adviser for entities in the Gulf area.
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