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Elite Method: Leadership Coaching for Our Kids

As a mother of three, Rachel Dube is constantly trying to retool and rework how she parents each of her children because they are so different from one another and motivated in entirely different ways. It is her job to identify the different ways that the children feel happy and excited about growing and learning, both in school and as individuals.

That is why I’m so intrigued by Rachel’s new company, Elite Method, that I just learned about. I have a 19 month old daughter, and I fear missteps in raising her (luckily haven’t done too much damage yet thanks to my wife). Elite Method is the first of it’s kind, private, one-on-one coaching program for children that combines “life coaching” and “sports coaching” into one custom designed program. Their mission is to look at the “whole child” and teach them both the physical skills AND emotional skills to be their most confident selves. We hear all the time about children facing problems, or dealing with bullying, despite all the efforts, but Elite Method focuses on the child’s development and building them up as a person.

The coaches become mentors and motivators which is so fantastic for younger boys and girls looking for role models and confidants as they navigate this super competitive new world we live in. I believe Elite Method provides an invaluable service to really guide and nurture your child, to not only survive the challenges of childhood adolescence, but truly to thrive.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Rachel Dube, the Founder of Elite Method to discuss why she developed Elite Method and to learn more about her program. Read on to learn more from my Q &A with Rachel!

Q: What is your background and how did Elite Method come to be?

A: Elite Method is really the cumulative result of having been in the children’s sports development world for so many years. My first business, DubeZone provided sports programs to dozens of schools in NY and NJ. In that time, working with thousands of children I learned a tremendous amount about what makes some kids successful and leaves others struggling. It became clear that helping a child develop sports skills was wonderful and important, but it didn’t address the core issue of boosting a child’s confidence and helping them navigate an often confusing world. Confidence is what gives kids the ability to feel good in their own skin and to want to make their mark on this world. I was determined to create a program that combined both fundamental sports skills training with a social/emotional component that would allow children to develop their social skills and confidence. Children need to feel good on the “inside” and the “outside”!

Q: What types of children are ideal for this program?

We have every type of child in this  program. After all, who doesn’t need a confidence boost and an edge in todays age? Our clients range from kids who are literally afraid to catch a ball, to those who are super athletes on school teams. Both types of children can be equally  plagued with confidence and social skills challenges. Whether the issue is impulse control, shyness, hyper-competitiveness, lack of focus, or anything else, we identify and address the specific challenges and work on rectifying them. Our youngest client is 4 and our oldest is 16.

Q: How does the program work?
The Elite Method program was conceived as a premium service that would offer parents convenience and flexibility. In simplest terms, parents can buy sessions in packages of ten or twenty. They communicate directly with the coach to schedule sessions at their convenience. Coach comes to the house and picks up their child to take them to the backyard, playroom, local park or gym. They play and talk and bond. Kid is returned home happier and more tired than when he left!

Q: Is it really that simple?

No, of course not! There is a tremendous amount of work being done behind the scenes by our corporate staff and coaches. All kinds of data analysis, lesson plan and curriculum development, progress tracking, report writing, etc. But what really matters the most, inevitably, is the magic that happens between the coach and the child as they build rapport and bond. Kids really crave the undivided attention they get from their coach. How many kids can say they get undivided attention from an adult for 75 minutes straight? Kids just want to be listened to and have someone believe in them, no strings or emotions attached.  Our coaches become your children’s biggest advocates and cheerleaders. Whether its pushing them through a physical challenge or congratulating them on a job well done or just talking them through a hard time, kids know they have always have someone in their corner.

Q: What can parents expect as a result of the program?

Parents can expect multiple things to happen. First thing they will notice is the obvious physical fitness and sports skills development. We track it very carefully and report back to parents with specific data on growth and progress week to week.

But more importantly, parents will notice subtle but meaningful changes in their child’s social and emotional growth. Kids in our program learn how to identify and control their emotions. They exhibit more patience, resilience and improved listening skills. Their motivation increases and they are willing to try new things and express their thoughts and feelings. Ultimately it is this kind of growth that leads to a more capable and confident child.

Q:Why do you think Elite Method has been so successful in creating meaningful results in these children?

Our success can really be attributed to two factors. First, is the extraordinary amount of work that went into the development of the methodologies we use in this program. We spent eighteen months collaborating with the the best specialists and experts in child development before we ever took our first client. We incorporated best practices from fields such as child psychology, occupational therapy and physical therapy.
Second, is the phenomenal work our coaches do in truly getting to know every child and what makes them tick. They observe and listen attentively. They don’t judge and they are solely focused on giving every child whatever support it is that they need to feel more confident and content with who they are. Watching these relationships blossom has been very moving and hearing from parents how their child has made great strides is incredibly rewarding. The testimonials from parents have motivated us to work even harder and continue to innovate and support as many kids as we can!

Q: Is the Elite Method program available in the Hamptons area?

Yes!  We are very lucky to have one of these amazing Elite Method coaches who lives in the Hamptons area year round! This past summer Coach Nick worked with several of our NYC clients while they were out East for the summer break. But we don’t want his incredible talent to go to waste during the year!  I am certain there are plenty of families who live out there year round who could absolutely benefit from having Coach Nick in their children’s lives! He is certified in K-12 Physical Education and has amazing rapport with kid of all ages. He is charming, engaging and a truly amazing mentor for any child. And best of all, anyone who mentions Hamptons Moms will receive a 10% discount on any Elite Method Coaching session package!

Thanks so much Rachel for this great interview and sharing this very interesting information about Elite Method with our readers. It truly does take a village to raise great kids and we are lucky to have such great resources like Elite Method available to us!

If you would like to learn more about Elite Method please go to

You can email Rachel directly at or call her at 917-575-8970.

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