Elvira Grau, Founder of SPACE54, Channels Kabbalah in Her Approach to Business

The inside of Space54.
The inside of Space54.

Elvira Grau is the successful founder of the events company, SPACE Events. Located in the heart of Manhattan, her newest venue, SPACE54, is a popular choice, hosting everything from bat mitzvah celebrations to weddings and corporate events.

Alongside her husband, Jim Grau, Elvira Grau has been responsible for executing memorable parties and corporate events since 2005 in the couple’s original New Jersey location. Prior to this, Elvira Grau worked as an independent marketing and public relations consultant, providing services for many Fortune 100 companies.

Although Elvira found great success in running her business, she discovered that something was missing in her life. While leading a very full life with all complexities that one might typically expect, from family life to business and maintaining a social life, Elvira and her husband, Jim, still found themselves needing something else in their lives. They felt that they needed something that they could connect to, something spiritual.

It was then that they turned to Kabbalah, the ancient esoteric Jewish mysticism, the heart of which is energy and spirituality. Kabbalah is a faith that stems right back to the start of life in Eden, and explores the link between God, infinity, and the universe.

By including the principles of Kabbalah in her life, Elvira Grau has found a fresh approach to living and transformed the way that she looks at life. Using the principles of Kabbalah, Elvira was able to combat negative emotions such as ego, jealousy, fear, anxiety, and insecurity, channeling her newfound energy on creating a vibrant and bustling business. Working through these problematic feelings has helped her to gain clarity, happiness, personal fulfillment, and certainty.

Jim and Elvira Grau

In practicing her faith, Elvira has been helped immensely by the Kabbalah Centre and its founder Karen Berg, a personal friend to Grau, who Elvira describes as ‘a beacon of light.’ Berg has shared so much with Elvira, shedding light on the tools and wisdom that have been needed to make a real difference in her life and work.

Elvira’s trips to Israel have helped to connect her to her own soul in a much deeper sense. Her journeys have taken her to the graveyards of the righteous souls to connect with their lineage. These visits to Israel have helped her to gain new perspectives and renewed purpose in her life while finding a more profound sense of consciousness.

Applying the teachings and learnings of Kabbalah to her business has helped immensely. By treating people with dignity, mercy, and unconditional love, she has been able to continue achieving her goals and open the doors to her Manhattan venue. Creating a space where others can come and celebrate love and life with positivity, Elvira wants her guests to feel warm and safe.

With the belief that whatever you put into the universe, you get back, Grau has found humility and hunger in the way that she runs her business. It has meant that she listens to clients and employees alike, demonstrating a proactive and caring attitude, while remaining eager to carry out personal requests of customization. She has channeled the energy gained through Kabbalah into her business and allows it to be felt throughout her venues and in everything that she does.

As a business leader, Elvira Grau believes that to succeed, you must believe in certainty above logic. Finding your passions and being true to yourself is at the heart of achieving excellence in business. Grau says that you need not be afraid to dream.

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