Embracing Firgun Day

Firgun (pronounced FEER-GOON) is a Hebrew word that doesn’t directly translate into English. Firgun is a compliment or act of kindness performed solely to make another person feel good and without any intention to get something in return.

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This Friday, July 17th will be the second “Firgun Day”. For those of you who haven’t heard about Firgun Day yet, Firgun Day is a yearly event on which you pick a person, organization, or company which you find inspiring and worth a “Firgun,” a selfless compliment or act of kindness, and post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media and explain why this individual or company embodies the Firgun Day spirit.

How often does a day, month, or year go by without us thanking and appreciating some the of the people who have helped and inspired us? No I’m not talking about people who help you with a small favor here or there, I’m talking about kind people who truly devote there time and resources to helping others (including you).

The team behind Firgun Day are tackling this very issue head on. As they state on there website, “Say something nice, make someone happy.” The concept is beautiful! Firgun Day is really putting to test the power of the individuals. Giving someone a “firgun” is more then just a compliment it shows that you believe that community’s have power and influence and they are capable of working together and truly impacting lives!

I urge you all to spend the next day deciding which people in your life deserve a firgun, and on Friday, take advantage of this one of a kind opportunity that gives a good excuse to give someone the firgun they deserve.

Now don’t get me wrong. You shouldn’t feel guilty about not being able to publicly give a person the firgun they deserve, but one must wonder;  if we were to embrace this initiative not only on Friday\Firgun Day, but also in our own day to day lives, maybe we could make the world a slightly happier place, one person at a time.

Happy Firgun Day!

To help support the Firgun Day movement share it with your friends, and follow them on Twitter & Facebook.

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