eMOONah – אמונה

I’m proud of my little country with big dreams! While news outlets were quick to report the crash; ‘Israel’s Beresheet Spacecraft Crashes Into Moon During Landing Attempt’, they forgot to insert a very important word. ‘Israel’s Beresheet Spacecraft Crashes Into Moon During H E R O I C Landing Attempt’. Yes. Because even when there is failure, we choose to highlight the greatness of effort. At least for those we love, don’t we? Israel, we love you!

And, even though this mission did not make the mark intended, there are things we can take away from it.

Every single thing we go through, from success to failure, is there to teach us something. So yes, it IS important to always ask ourselves (don’t be chutzpadik or cruel enough to ask/tell others what to learn from their own failures): What are we supposed to learn?

Because if we don’t learn what we were meant to the first time….

1. No matter how ‘little’ you are, the sky is not the limit. You can, should, always dream and aim high.

2. Nothing in this world is truly man created or man controlled. Everything from way back ‘in the beginning’ (בראשית) has been created and powered by G-d. The only thing truly man made is faith in G-d.

3. If at first you don’t succeed, make a few changes (like the name*… just like we have the custom of adding a name for a sick person to change the מזל..) and try again.

We are a spiritually powered nation. Every single physical action of ours that ends in success is powered primarily by spiritual forces. So while I do understand that there is some significance to the name Beresheet בראשית, I am hoping someone will rename this mission to eMOONah* – אמונה. If we want to reach beyond the stars, we need to do it all the way, back before the time of בראשית and all physical creations, to the Creator Himself and our eternal, powerful connection to Him. In the beginning there was א . א for אמונה. Faith in ourselves, faith in our missions, but most importantly, faith in the One who sustains and enables both!

Next attempt will be with footprints on the moon!

* As I previously dubbed it on Instagram (@artisancrunch).

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