Esther Talberg

Emunah, Bitachon and Todah in war torn Israel

Chanuka Israel 2023

Prayer is an art. It really doesn’t come easy, and it’s not supposed to. Just as an artist needs to try and perfect first the thought of it’s creation, the sketch and  finally add the colours or however the art is to be portrayed to the viewer.  So too is with regards to G-d’s creation of the world.

When we are taught to pray, truly give thanks to G-d and appreciate all we have, that takes maturity and understanding and depth of character and emotion.

Emunah loosely translated is Faith, Bitachon in Trust and Todah is giving thanks. When one can reach a level of Faith, Trust and then still give thanks, Todah, a purification has taken place. A humility has been achieved.

As we navigate each day anew here over 80 days since 7 October, we have seen many many miracles, we have seen much suffering and strife too. We have all tried to do our part in whatever way we can to help.

The daily inspiration truly comes when at a time of low energy and morale, we can continue to say I have Faith, I have Trust and I have Appreciation for all that G-d has given me, even though I do not see the whole picture.

Truthfully to me it looks like a broken picture with shard glass and the frame is half burnt. For some reason the picture remains and I don’t discard it. I put it on display. I pick up a sefer tehillim and start to say a prayer for the soldiers, for the kidnapped, for the continued unity of Am Yisrael that filters into my home too.

I am able to be a grateful Jewess living in our promised land. Praying each day for the revelation of Mashiach and Grateful for everything because that is what makes me a true believer.

About the Author
I made Aliya from South Africa in 2019. I am an author of 3 children's books, I am a mother of special needs kids, an energy and emotional healer , a rabbanit and educator.