Jason Shvili
An Israeli in Canada

End the Arab Occupation

Ever since Israel became a state in 1948 and the Jews regained their independence after two thousand years, the Arabs and their allies have been crying about the so-called occupation of what they think is their land. How hypocritical can people be!?  If there’s any occupation that needs to end, it’s the Arab occupation of all lands outside of the Arabian Peninsula, which as its name implies, is the original homeland of the Arab people.

Every piece of land outside of the Arabian Peninsula that is now controlled by Arabs is controlled by them, not as a result of gradual migration, but as a result of conquest – conquest that was often brutal and led to the destruction of many different cultural and religious communities throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  In fact, I shouldn’t even be talking about this conquest in the past tense, because as many of my readers will know, non-Arab and non-Muslim cultures in what is now called the “Arab World” are still under siege and some are facing extinction.

The current campaign by the Islamic State to wipe out all non-Muslim populations in its midst is a prime example of this, but of course, there are other lesser-known examples.  For instance, the Coptic Christians of Egypt – the direct descendants of the pre-Arab Egyptian population – are now a minority in their own country; consistently and relentlessly persecuted by the Muslim Arab majority.

Similar persecutions are also taking place in other Arab majority states, such as Lebanon, Iraq and in territories now under the control of the Muslim-dominated Palestinian Authority and the terrorist group, Hamas.  Some of these non-Muslim populations are actually considered Arabs because their native tongue is Arabic.  But this assumption could not be further from the truth.  Just as the Coptic Christians of Egypt are direct descendants of the original Egyptian population before the Muslim Arab conquests, so to are the Christian populations of other Middle Eastern and North African states.

The Lebanese Christians are the descendants of the ancient Phoenicians, the Iraqi Christians are descendants of the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians, and so forth.  In fact, some of these populations, though speaking Arabic as their native language, reject being called Arabs.  Even amongst the Christian population in Israel, there is a growing movement to throw off the shackles of Arab occupation.  See, for example: Israeli-Arab Christians take to the streets of Haifa for an unusual protest.  Indeed, with the emergence of extremist groups like the Islamic State, who want to reinforce the Muslim Arab occupation and destroy the cultures of the remaining original inhabitants of the Middle East and North Africa, more and more members of the communities that preceded the Arab conquests of centuries past are seeing the need to fight back.  To date, Israel is the brightest example of a pre-Arab population fighting against the Arab occupation and winning.  Unfortunately, however, much of the world would rather support the Arab occupation instead of helping the persecuted original populations of North Africa and the Middle East fight to free themselves from it.

Aiding and Abetting in Arab Occupation and Conquest

Recently, the British House of Commons took a symbolic vote to recognize a Palestinian state.  At the same time, the European Union is working to de-legitimize the Jewish re-population of Judea and Samaria.  By recognizing a Palestinian state and attempting to prevent Jews from re-settling in their ancestral lands, the Europeans are basically aiding and abetting in the continued Arab occupation of lands outside of the Arabian Peninsula.  They are saying yes to continued Arab occupation, because  a Palestinian state would no doubt be just another country where Muslim Arab dominance reigns supreme and non-Muslims are relentlessly persecuted.

Coincidentally, the refusal on the part of leaders in the West and elsewhere to recognize the Kurds’ right to an independent nation-state also perpetuates the Arab occupation.  To make a long story short, the continued Arab occupation of land belonging to Jews, Kurds and various other minorities is legitimized, while attempts by Jews, Kurds and other groups to regain their lands and their independence from the Arab conquerors is scorned.  How does this make sense?  Well, it doesn’t, and for those of you who would rather support the Arab occupation instead of the people who are fighting against it, you do so at your own peril, because if the Arab conquerors can get away with wiping Jews, Kurds, Assyrians, Egyptian Copts, or any other non-Arab, non-Muslim population off the map, what’s to stop them from wiping you off the map, too?

About the Author
Jason Shvili was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area. He studied at the University of Toronto and now owns and operates a small business. He is proficient in Hebrew and also has working to advanced knowledge of Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.
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