Enough with this ‘Moral Equivalency’

A few days ago, the Israeli Channel 2 network decided to go out and interview a young Arab Israeli boy about the recent wave of terror attacks across the country.

“When you for example, hear of an attack, a stabbing attack in Israel, what do you think about it?”
“It makes me happy”.
“It makes you happy?”

My friends, it makes him happy. This boy like many other Arab Israeli and Palestinian youth, are nurtured through methods of indoctrination to believe that hate for us rises above anything else. That the Jew is the enemy. When the reporter finally reveals to the boy, in Arabic, that he himself is a Jew, the boy was confounded, and maybe even a little embarrassed. His immediate walk away from the camera signalled an important message, that when he is finally approached by a “normal” looking Jew, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. His anti-Semitic conviction is immensely overpowering that it shadows reality.

Sadly this is the case for a lot of the younger generations growing up in such turmoil. Arab and Palestinian leadership, time and time again, melt into their educational systems and local media, the idea of the ‘Evil Jew’, or the ‘Zionist pig’. This incitement only escalates further with Hamas producing videos on ‘how to stab a Jew’. And you know what? Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, a man Israel is supposed to sit down and ‘have peace talks’ with, not only idly stands by not denouncing such an escalation, but he instigates it outright. In his recent speech, Abbas again puts forth the lie that Israelis are ‘destroying the Temple Mount’. Netanyahu made it clear that Israel has never, nor will it ever, destroy or tarnish the Temple Mount. He goes on to criticise Abbas for spreading such lies. To make matters worse, Abbas has blamed Israel for ‘executing’ Ahmad Manasra, the 13 year old terrorist, who is surprisingly alive and well- recuperating in an Israeli hospital, after having stabbed a 13 and 25 year old.

This is where my patience runs thin.

I am angry and frustrated at the Palestinian Authority, whose responsibility it is to seek the best for their people, but instead are inciting Palestinians and Arab-Israelis to take to the streets and stab as many Jews as they can. What has the world come to for this to be our reality? I am angry and frustrated at international media platforms for their deafening silence. And I am angry and frustrated at the average person who dares stay silent whilst Jewish blood is being spilled, and yet have the audacity to speak up only for the Palestinians or Arab-Israelis. Have you no shame?

This is where I refuse to give the argument of ‘moral equivalency’ any platform. A terrorist on a rampage to kill as many Jews as possible cannot be on any level compared to an IDF soldier, trained in preserving as many lives as possible. I am sure you have heard it enough times. “More Palestinians have been killed than Israelis”. NO. We cannot determine victim and aggressor based on numerical values. Since 2005, 11,000 rockets from Gaza have been deliberately fired into Israeli territory. And for some reason, any reciprocated line of defence by Israel is always severely condemned.

There is no ‘moral equivalency’ because the terrorists that killed a mother and father in front of their 4 children a few days ago, or the terrorist that broke into a home in Itamar and massacred the Fogel family 4 years ago, are not people fighting for more human rights or equality. They are murdering with the aim to annihilate the State of Israel and the Jewish people. There is not justification for such atrocities and we have to start treating these terror attacks as terror attacks, and stop giving reason to its occurrence.

The current wave of terror is a wave of terror. Nothing to do with borders and land, but about one religion believing it is superior than the other. We are seeing a dangerous shift from issues regarding the disputed territories, to now the feeling of a Jew and Arab being pitted against each other. These are racial attacks and nothing else. And we need not look further than the statement made by Abbas, “We won’t allow Jews with their filthy feet to defile our Al-Aqsa Mosque.” “We bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem”.

About the Author
Devora Khafi grew up in Singapore and is currently a student at Queen Mary University of London. She specializes in issues regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict as well as security threats to the region.
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