Enter Shabbat with a thought of hope

Trying hard to enter Shabbat with a positive thought.

As we cry, ask why & bury yet another beautiful flower, cut down by people full of senseless hate before she was able to fully bloom, we also are witness to new babies being born to our nation.

A month ago devastating fire destroyed the forest around Aderet – today – despite the harsh, hot summer and no water to be had – there are already signs of reborn life (see photos).

We thought we would have to wait for spring, but Gds land has its own plans.

Small patches of green springing up from the ashes and soot.

Trees burned black and brown sprouting fresh green leaves and new branches only weeks after firefighters risked their lives in the intense fire.

Try to wipe us out. Shoot at us. Blow us up. Burn us alive. Pour boiling oil on us. Exile us and spread us to every corner of the earth – it will not do you any good.

Just like the forest, the roots do not burn. Just like the forest, we keep enough water stored up to begin re-blooming weeks after fire flashes through.

Do your worst. You have tried before.

My mom and her great-grandchildren are proof – so are the trees of Aderet!

About the Author
Michael ('not THAT one') Cohen is a "Zionist Educator to the Non-Jewish World." The 2008 recipient of Israel's "Reserve Shield" award presented by the nation's Minister of Defense and IDF Chief of Staff, Mike lectures about Israel, the Jewish people and the Bible throughout the world and is amazed and extremely proud of the achievements of #SpaceIL. WE ARE ON THE MOON PEOPLE!!