Entrepreneurship and innovation day at Magshimim Camp

Hodayot, IL –  A youth Village in the north of Israel hosts theMagshimim camp”, a Rashi Foundation camp and program of eleven grade students specialized in Cyber Technologies, and  Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a global initiative with nearly 150 participating countries all aimed at developing and promoting new ideas, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The goal of this initiative was to make the students aware of the start-ups world.

The speakers were : GiL Shourka, National Coordinator at GEW Israel; Illai Gescheit, entrepreneur and CEO of Mobifile; Joel Sein, attorney at Pearl Cohen law firm ,specialized in intellectual property and trademarks; and Liron Grossman, founder of Imeetapp and teaching entrepreneurship lessons at IDC.

Acc20140729_113502ording to Gil Shourka, “We wanted to teach the students how to turn a creative idea into a Start-up. If you can dream it, you can do it.”


In the beginning , Gil Shourka introduced the students to Socratic methods by brainstorming and Random Simulations.

The two methods help to develop thinking, finding creative solutions of various problems. The students were assisted by simulations to study the best methods.

20140729_122315Ilai Guescheit,  the founder of the startup called Mobifile,  did a presentation  using examples from his own experience and putting the students into situations he faced with.

He highlighted the relationship between design and creative ideas. Then, he put a premium on how to break the rules in the creation of a startup.

He finished his presentation by developing the gig and fast prototyping methodology.

In the afternoon,  Joel Stein and Liron Grossman replaced the previous intervenants.

Joel Stein, attorney, gave a speech on Intellectual property and trademarks. He explained the students how to make a patent.

He laid the emphasis on the intellectual property, on how it is important for entrepreneurs and how much it costs. As he said : “the most important thing is your patent. You have to protect yourself from those who want to copy you.”

Liron Grossman, the founder of IMeetapp and  teacher at IDC, did his presentation on Negotiations. He developed the win win exchange and gave solutions on how entrepreneurs escape a Deadlock situation. According to him, there is no deadlock that remains unsolved.

At the 20140729_125132end of the day, Ayla Matalon, CEO of MIT Enterprise Forum and Chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Week  – Israel, gave a speech about this entrepreneurship day. To her, the aim  was  to “provide the students framework with the world of entrepreneurship because we thought it would give their future studies of the cyber world an extra level of understanding”. She noticed that they were incredible, curious, cooperative and bright.

The entrepreneurs of one day were a treasure of great potential.  They were motivated because they already want to be entrepreneurs in the future.

And when there is a will…there is a way to succeed!

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Simon HOCHBERG,PR at Global Entrepreneurship Week, Israel.

About the Author
Simon Hochberg is in Gap Year at EDHEC Business School and works as PR at Global Entrepreneurship Week in Israel.