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Epstein enabler, sexual predator Ghislaine Maxwell, wrote ‘cli-fi’ story in 2015

This Epstein-Maxwell story gets weird. According to news sources, wealthy British socialite and alleged sexual predator Ghislaine Maxwell,58, was arrested in the United States on July 2 and charged with sex trafficking minors for her former ”boyfriend,” the now-disgraced and late financier Jeffrey Epstein who committed suicide in jail (or maybe was murdered while in his jail cell, some say).

Maxwell, whose whereabouts had been unknown following Epstein’s alleged suicide while awaiting trial last summer, now faces six counts relating to his sex crimes and a possible sentence of life behind bars.

FBI agents detained the daughter of late British newspaper baron Robert Maxwell “without incident” in  New Hampshire where she had been hiding in plain sight for two years in a massive mansion.

Where the story goes “weird” is when it was discovered by several online literary sleuths that Maxwell fancied herself a ”climate fiction” writer and posted a ”cli-fi” short story on her Medium blog in 2015, titled “When the Oceans Failed.”

The short story was ”written by Ghislaine Maxwell, president and founder of The TerraMar Project, a certified helicopter pilot and deepworker submersible pilot, certified EMT, fluent in French, Italian and Spanish,” she told readers in 2015.

She also explained in an author’s note, still online for all the world to see, including FBI agents and various conspiracy nuts: “Ghislaine Maxwell is the founder and president of the TerraMar Project, a nonprofit organization that is on a mission to build a global community around a shared ownership and love of the oceans.”
Her short story begins: “2015 was the year I should have starting supporting ocean causes, sustainable fishing, alternative energy forms, a tax on carbon, and a ban on single-use plastics. Tomorrow is January 1, 2032 —  time for resolutions. I am going to support climate change initiatives and finally apply for my ‘Ocean Passport.’ I am no longer a climate change denier, and my voice does count. It’s time for me to take action.”
Maxwell’s story then offers:

“One Tuna Sold for $20 Million to Japanese Billionaire,” read one headline.

I remember thinking it was crazy when one tuna sold in 2013 for $1.7 million.

“Record Snowfall in Boston,” read another headline.

No kidding. I look out my window — it’s blocked by 13 feet of snow. The city is paralyzed. It was really bad when we had eight feet back in 2015.

“Quiz — Climate Change…”

”I stop reading, close my eyes, and feel the unease wash over me.”

”All you hear about is water scarcity, water wars, failing crops, record heat, cold, snow, and flooding. Were the ocean and its problems at the root of the climate change problem? I cast my mind back to when I became interested in all things ocean-related. It was in 2010, when I went on a cruise around the Galapagos.”

”What I learned then surprised me. I found out that the ocean was the largest feature on earth, that it created more than 50 percent of the oxygen we breathed, and that it fed 1 billion people a day,” Maxwell wrote.

See full short story here.

Perhaps in prison, Ghislaine Maxwell will have time to pen more climate fiction stories.



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