Equality in the Israeli School System

I have a partial solution for the Israeli Society’s lack of inequality. We, meaning the Israeli Society, are so apt at shouting that we are “an equal society”. “We are not an apartheid country, we give equal rights to everybody”. That is a nice phrase and a nice claim, but the reality is not exactly correct. And when I say Israel is not an apartheid country, I am not referring to the Jews versus Muslims or any other people living on this land. In this regard, I truly believe that the Jewish People treat the Muslims better in Israel than how their brotheren would treat them in a, let’s say, in a backwards primitive Muslim dominated regime.

What I am talking about is in the regular Israeli Society. Let’s put the Muslims in this country aside and focus primarily on the Jewish Population. Let’s take a look at this par between the rich versus the poor and the religious versus the secular. How about the racist gap between Jews who came from Arab countries and Jews that came from European countries. How about the Jews that were born in this country and those that lived in North America and who made aliyah to start their lives here out of moral beliefs and values. How about the disabled versus not. And then the racism that people who are not the dominant population in this country. I am sad to say it, but Israel is a racist country. What the world says about Israel as a society is that it is a racist regime. I wouldn’t say that Israel is a regime, but I would say that it is racist. There is so much racism going on here that I would have a disclaimer for people wanting to immigrate here. Israel is not for the soft at heart.

I am not here to criticize Israel. It is a society doing it’s best considering the vast amount of enemies it has and that constant attack on the land and people. From a spiritual perspective, the enemies of Israel are really there to teach the People there what needs to be changed. And the humane part of Israel, as great as we are with helping the other countries that have been attacked by storms and earthquakes, needs to focus on what they can do to improve their own society.

And this begins in the Education System. Period.

So how do we as an Israeli Society accomplish this? I can think of 2 issues that need to be addressed right away. 1. School children all over the country wearing the same uniform for school and 2. A no bullying policy in the Israeli School System, with harsh consequences for picking and bullying others.

This may seem difficult to accomplish, but I can say it will bridge the gap between the youth of Israel and have a psychological unifying effect, at least in this generation and the generations to come.

First of all, everyone wearing the same thing will lower the ego against one another. Let’s say a group of students standing in front of a teacher who is wearing the same thing will have a more respectful approach to the teacher. The problem in a typical classroom is the lack of respect towards the authority in the room. The typical problem maker is the one typically wearing the latest trend of clothes and feeling full of him or herself because they are so much “cooler” than their peers and tend to be the ones who disrespect others. Typically the poor children in the class are the ones that get picked on the most. Usually, the “uncool teachers” in the classroom get disrespected for not keeping up with the style.

With regards to the bullying that goes on in the school system here, there needs to be harsh punishment. Some people respond to a caring approach and some need a harsh rebuke in order to do what is morally right. The principal can’t be the only one taking care of the bullying that goes on here. There needs to be a law here that either scares the youth into compliance (which we all know doesn’t always work) or another approach of being forced to do community service. These community service acts will teach this youth responsibility and will fill their lives with purpose. I think the youth that bully others are either shouting for someone to notice that they are in a needy position or are simply lacking a sense of purpose and so they use their energy to damage others.

These are just a couple of suggestions that I can offer to this society. There needs to actually be equality and it needs to be done soon. The reason the world focusses on Israel is that Israel is the center of the world with Jerusalem its’ epicenter and Israel as a society needs to work on actually being an equal and dignified place for all who live here. It starts in the Educational System and this would have a vast overall effect in Israel, G-d Willing.

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If the whole world hates Israel, therefore Israel must be doing something right.