Michel M.J. Shore

Essential Acts for Sukkah Shlema to Become Apparent

Dear friends,

Have a blessed, fulfilling, emunah and bitachon filled week, knowing there is always a light at the end of every tunnel.

We must find it within ourselves; and the tunnels of illusion will then dissipate, to dissipate the challenges of actual, hidden tunnels, hiding the evil of sheker in the world, ready for dissipation, if we envision the future with Tikvah, beyond the cloud of mirage which tries to blind us.

We must soar high enough and the Cosmic- Worldview- Divine picture becomes clear, above the clouds of illusion. Thus, we must soar high enough, in the flight of faith, to envision light with the clarity it brings. It is already there as in Tefilla Haderech. It is to be imbibed within us.  Ani ma’ amin, we believe; thus, we will overcome!

Dear L-rd. may it be immediate in the blink of an eye. As it is in G-d’s time and space of  H-s making; thus, we must enter within ourselves, into the eternal time-space Ruach-Elohim, breath of life which G-d gave us, accessible to our souls, if we open ourselves, thereto, b’shalem.

Thank you, dear G-d for the blessing of Emunah, our only guarantee of Bitachon, in the situation of circumstances in which we find ourselves, as we had previously, when we did not envision the picture, in time, clearly enough to avoid it.

May the week unfold, subsequent to last week’s Parsha, blessings of Lech Lecha, given to Abraham as it came to light; and, this week, Parsha Va’era brings, as is witnessed and envisioned, an unfolding of our Covenant of, and for, eternity.

Let us bring that Covenant to our conscious being, recognizing it is always there for us to claim with acts, demanding a reflection of emunah to guide us with bitachon, for all that must be done, with matara, to realistic conclusion, without stopping, before ultimate completion of the avodah to be achieved.

 Derech Hatzlaha, Hatzlaha Rabbah, Or Hadash Al Zion Ta’ir Vniské Kulanu Mehera l’Oro!

About the Author
Michel M.J. Shore is a retired judge of the Federal Court of Canada and recently made a home in Israel. He is the writer of several published books and poetry collections.
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