Ben Tzion

Eternal membership by blood covenant

Dear Moshe ben Ezra ben Moiz ben Tribe of Reuben like a Sandwich.

In the year 5777, year of Mazal and Heavenly Revelations, you were born to a beautiful Family, your father Ezra comes from the noble Reuben tribe who was the firstborn, the sign of strength, excelling in honor and power according to Jacob’s prophecy and your mother Sharon is a descendant of the blessed Broukhim (Barukh) family.

300 Years Old Broukhim Family Shepherd Rod.

When I met your CherieChic mother for the first time, I was struck by her beauty, her royal taste, her charisma and of course her smile. Her stunning smile and youthful laugh played a major role to disarm your father and struck right into his Neshama, because he knows how real authentic raw diamond shines through a prism of a daylight. And only in the hands of true Gemwara master, like your father, this raw stone would maximize its full potential and shine back to illuminate and empower.

Your Brit Milah, membership initiation, ceremony was a very special and truly emotional: your Aunts and Uncles, Family and Friends, stood in a full circle, in the eternal unity of Jewish People, since there is no difference between Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews, we all came from the same Source of Wisdom, these artificially created labels were used by haters to internally weaken and divide our People. Divine Shechinah was present in the room descending from the surrounding Beverly hills.

Shma Israel

You almost didn’t cry, you took it like a real man, since for Jewish people pain and sufferings are embedded patterns of existence, not a privilege. You briefly opened your eyes, looked straight into your father’s courageous face, I’ve never seen him so focused and concentrated. At this moment entire room recited Blessing following Rabbi’s directions: “Shma Israel Adonai Elocheinu Adonai AhaD”, these are the exact words that Moses your Forefather told Jewish People as his last farewell words, these words define us, these exact words we mutter in the gas chambers before being slaughtered.

Remember just these words, you don’t need to be a Torah Scholar to be a good Jew, be a good Human being, but always remember who do You stand for and where did You came from.

Abraham Journey Map

In a sad shadow of happy and sincere smile of your Zayde Moiz, I could see narrow paved streets of Rhaga, his beloved hometown, one day and you would be able to freely visit country of your ancestors, land of Talmud Bavli, land of famous Mystics and hidden Secrets. We all embrace our internally eternal endeavor and desire to return home, when thinking about our Homeland Israel, being temporarily scattered across the globe in little shtetls of diaspora.

Your father was always a true Gentleman, he treats everyone with dignity and respect, even when I publicly embarrassed him in Portland, he graciously neglected that incident, for only a person of top quality and character can do so.

Now you know a little insight into the time preceding your creation, the future is in your hands, baby Moshe, be a Mentsch like your father, like your grandfathers and like our Forefathers. Let there always be a Blessing upon You, Moshe ben Ezra.

Your uncle, Ben Tzion.

Reuben Family

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