Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


We are an eternal nation.

We survived thousands of years, through the most trying of times.


Because we maintained our connection with G-d,

Nature is fickle. Other nations and vast powerful empires came and went.

And we survived.


Because everything was created, and is constantly created, by G-d. He is everywhere, in everything.

So by maintaining our connection with Him, we survive in His embrace, infused with His strength.

So that we can elevate all of nature and all humanity.

We are eternal. “Atem nitzovim — You (the Jewish people) stand (and exist forever) before G-d your G-d.” (Deuteronomy 29,9)

We will persevere. And we will triumph. And everyone will see that the world is G-d’s beautiful garden of peace.

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