European Islamophobia

“It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising their sovereignty.”  –James Monroe

Democracy as a state system of governance seems to have worked so far, but a raging demographic of extremely non-democratic people is a challenge that may kill the system. ‘Democracy’ is a system of governance developed for people with ‘democratic’ liberal values. Islamic fundamentalists do not mix with liberal democracies because of their opposite values, separatism and revisionist ambitions to grow and rule. Democracy governments need to do what is necessary to protect the system and themselves.

Why does Europe come across so weak? We feel safer in Israel not because there are less threats, but because we know the security forces have power and are not hesitant to use it. Despite all the social problems in Israel you can rest assured the state will protect you with force against terrorism. In Europe you can rest assured you will receive welfare after being attacked. Liberal democracy was born in Europe after centuries of sacrifices for the sake of progress, it is shameful that Europeans would simply succumb to new challenges. Alas, the problem is not so simple!

Nationalism is a powerful form of ideology. Today European nationalism is only expressed vigorously in petty economic struggles and football matches. Europe abandoned nationalism for internationalism or supranationalism, but now lives in a void of ideological strength. Religious identity and fundamentalism on the other hand are charged with power, even more than nationalism. Europeanism is rooted in a postmodern humanist worldview, which is extremely tolerant but lacks edge. Liberal society is challenged by postmodern indifference, a generation with an obscure philosophy of life, statehood and eternity. People do not sacrifice for a vague national body with vague ideology and principles, especially when the greatest principle is your individual self.

May the European dream of pluralism, welfare and safety rise up as a powerful ideology and prevail against such unprecedented threats.

About the Author
Natar has an MA in Jewish Thought from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He likes to read and write about politics, Jerusalem and messianism.