Evangelicals Our Steadfast Allies in Times of Need

Evangelicals: Our Steadfast Allies in Times of Need

Finding steadfast allies can be a beacon of hope. Recently, I had the privilege of attending a transformative rabbinic conference centered around reinvigorating support for Israel. Sponsored by the Lisa and Michael Leffell Foundation, the Paul E. Singer Foundation, and the Maimonides Fund, the event brought together a diverse array of speakers and participants, among whom one voice stood out to me: Reverend Johnnie Moore, a prominent Evangelical Christian leader whose message resonated deeply with attendees of all backgrounds.

At the outset, it’s crucial to acknowledge the historical tensions that have sometimes strained relations between Evangelical Christians and the Jewish community. Yet, what unfolded during Rev. Moore’s keynote address was nothing short of remarkable—a bridge built on mutual respect and shared values.

Rev. Moore dispelled misconceptions by candidly addressing the motivations behind Evangelical support for Israel. Contrary to popular belief, he emphasized that this support isn’t merely tied to eschatological beliefs but stems from a genuine reverence for Jewish heritage and the biblical roots shared by both communities.

Drawing parallels between the Judeo-Christian values that form the bedrock of American society and the enduring bonds between Jews and Evangelical Christians, Rev. Moore invoked the biblical injunction to bless the Jewish people. His impassioned plea to actively support and stand by the Jewish community and the State of Israel underscored a profound commitment rooted in faith and solidarity, highlighting the shared values that unite us all.

Significantly, Rev. Moore extended a hand of friendship and understanding, urging dialogue and engagement between Evangelicals and Jews. Recognizing differences in social and political perspectives, he emphasized the transformative potential of mutual learning and growth, fostering a spirit of cooperation amidst diversity and instilling hope and optimism in the audience.

Rev. Moore’s message resonated with personal experiences. I recall poignant moments of prayer and support with my community’s pastors. Or visiting Yad Vashem with Pastor John Hagee and witnessing genuine remorse for historical Jew hatred. These encounters underscored the depth of conviction among Evangelicals to stand against antisemitism and ensure the safety and flourishing of the Jewish people.

In a world where ideological divides often overshadow common humanity, Rev. Moore’s words serve as a beacon of hope. Amidst the challenges facing Israel and the Jewish community, his unwavering support and call for solidarity remind us of the power of unexpected alliances.

As I reflect on Rev. Moore’s message, it’s clear that true friendship transcends differences. Just as in our personal lives, where we cherish friendships forged in diversity, the bond between Evangelicals and Jews offers a beacon of hope amidst turbulent times.

In closing, let us heed Rev. Moore’s words of comfort and strength, drawing inspiration from the biblical assurance that we are not alone in our struggles. Together, with allies like Rev. Moore and millions of Evangelicals worldwide, we can confront adversity with unwavering resolve, knowing that true friendship knows no bounds.

About the Author
Rabbi Brian Strauss is the current senior rabbi of Congregation Beth Yeshurun in Houston, Texas. He is a graduate of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles and the University of Texas at Austin. He has played pivotal roles in various Jewish organizations, including membership in the United Jewish Communities Rabbinic Cabinet and the United Jewish Communities National Young Leadership Cabinet. Additionally, Rabbi Strauss has also served on the Texas State Commission on Holocaust and Genocide and is a member of the prestigious Rabbis Without Borders program, sponsored by the National Jewish Center for Learning & Leadership (CLAL). He sits on the Executive Board of the Zionist Rabbinic Coalition and was appointed to the Joint Placement Commission of the Rabbinical Assembly in 2021. In recognition of his contributions, Rabbi Strauss received an Honorary Doctorate from the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in May 2022. He is also a former president of the Houston Rabbinical Association and a previous board member of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, Holocaust Museum Houston, and the University of Texas Hillel. Rabbi Strauss wrote “To Life, To Family, To Me: 6 Keys to a Good Family Life," which can be found on His writings have been featured in national and local publications, reflecting his commitment to sharing Jewish insights with a broader audience. Rabbi Strauss is married to Lisa Shapiro Strauss, a practicing attorney and a former fellow in the Wexner Heritage Program. They are blessed with three adult children.