Evil Speech Is Bad But Sometimes Keeping Quiet Is Worse




There was a story appearing in Arutz Sheva on August 2, about the 1939 voyage of the MS St. Louis. Rabbi Kotler asked Joseph Kennedy Sr. to help save the Jews from certain death at the hands of the Nazis.  When Kennedy refused to help, some believe that was the beginning of the Kennedy Curse.


So let’s examine some facts, dates and events from that time until today to help determine if that is a reasonable assumption to make. And then using the description of the relevant portion of Megillat Esther below, we may be able to conclude that perhaps G-d is letting us all witness the modern day version playing out before our very eyes.

  • December 19, 1961 — Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. suffered a massive stroke which left him paralyzed on his right side. Thereafter, he suffered from aphasia, which severely affected his ability to speak.[15]

Aphasia affects about 2 million people in the US and 250,000 people in Great Britain.[5] Though nearly 180,000 people in the US acquire the disorder a year.

Here is the first example of where the number 22 begins to appear regarding the Kennedy Curse. There is a difference of 22 years between the voyage of the MS St. Louis and the abovementioned setback. Please note that when a person speaks badly of another person that is called Loshen Hara or Evil Speech. A guilty person can be severely punished for his wicked actions.. The above example illustrates how one can suffer for such evil speech and many times the punishment fits the crime.

Two years after the MS St. Louis  in 1941, suddenly the Kennedy family suffers its first major tragedy-when  Rosemary Kennedy was often believed to have been intellectually disabled, and due to her severe mood swings and the worry that she would damage the Kennedy family reputation,[22] her father, Joseph Sr., arranged in secret for her to undergo a lobotomy. The lobotomy instead left her unable to walk or speak well.

This time it was Kennedy Sr who was worried about what other people would think of his precious daughter and so he tried to improve the situation, and instead much to his horror, his efforts actually turned out for the worse. Her ability to speak is affected just like his would be many years later.

Moving forward another 22 years and two more tragedies strike. JFK and Jackie lose a baby soon after he was born, on August 9, 1963, and then less than 3 months later JFK is assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Now we have two events that happened in a 5 year interval

Kennedy Sr. must have been very affected by the death of his first son five years after the MS St. :Louis-

Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr. (July 25, 1915 – August 12, 1944) was a United States Navy lieutenant. He was killed in action during World War II and was the eldest of nine children born to Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. (1888–1969) and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy(1890–1995).

Joe Sr. had aspirations for Joe Jr. to become president.[1][page needed] However, Joe Jr. was killed while participating in a top-secret mission in 1944, and the high expectations of the father then fell upon Joe Jr.’s younger brother John, who was later elected president.

Don’t forget August 12 also was the release date of “It’s All About The Benjamins” where I bring the number 22 into my analysis many times.

   And  also  there was a five year period after JFK was assassinated, that Bobby was killed while campaigning for President.

Kennedy Sr. must have been very  frustrated as the Democratic Party was partly blamed for the US involvement in the Vietnam War, and this added to voter and civil unrest that year which resulted in a Nixon Presidency.  Add to that what happened to JFK and brother Bobbie, that must have finished him off.

Kennedy Sr. passed away in 1969, the following year.

And now we have news of the passing of Bobby Kennedy’s granddaughter who was 22.

But there is another member of the Kennedy family I want to talk more in detail about and he is Patrick Bouvier Kennedy  who was born on August 7 and passed away two days later August 9, 1963.

Birth and treatment

While his father was aboard Air Force One, Kennedy was delivered by emergency caesarean section at 12:52 p.m. on August 7, 1963, at the Otis Air Force Base Hospital in Bourne, Massachusetts, five and 1/2 weeks prematurely. The caesarean section was performed by Dr. Walsh, who had also delivered John Jr. in 1960.[4]His birth weight was 4 pounds 10 12 ounces (2.11 kg).[5] He was the first baby to be born to a sitting U.S. president and First Lady since the 19th century.[1][6]

Shortly after birth, Kennedy developed symptoms of hyaline membrane disease (HMD), now called infant respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS). It was detected by breathing difficulties within minutes. The president arrived, saw his son in distress, and sent for a chaplain. The infant was quickly baptized with the name of Patrick after his grandfather Joseph Patrick Kennedy (1888–1969) and great-grandfather Patrick Joseph Kennedy (1858–1929), and Bouvier for his mother’s maiden name.[1][3]


Kennedy died at 4:04 a.m. on August 9—”despite a desperate medical effort to save him”—having lived 39 hours and 12 minutes. At the time of the infant’s death, the president was outside the room with the hyperbaric chamber with his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.[1] The First Lady, then 34, remained at Otis Air Force Base Hospital recovering from the caesarean section. She was told of her son’s death by Dr. Walsh. (He would console her again after her husband’s assassination; he was aboard Air Force One with her as she returned from Dallas with the president’s body).[4] She was given a sedative and slept until the president flew from Boston. Very little was said about the family’s reaction; White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger stated of the First Lady’s condition, “Given the circumstances, her condition is satisfactory.” The president, who had reportedly only slept four hours since the birth, was photographed arriving at Otis Air Force Base looking “grave and appearing tired”.[1]

And now I want to connect a few dots with what is going on in Congress today, both at the national and state level.

But before I go further, for any readers who are not familiar with the story of Megillah Esther, which Jews read on the festival of Purim, I am summarizing for you the portion that pertains to my analysis-

Summary of Megillat Esther Chapters 3 to 5 – Selected Main Points-

Haman brings massive amount of silver to King because the Jews do not observe even the King’s laws and therefore it is not necessary for the King to tolerate them. The Jews must be destroyed. So the King orders his secretaries to record all that Haman has said and letters were sent by courier to all the King’s provinces to destroy, slay and exterminate all Jews on the 13th day of Adar on the Jewish calendar. The King and Haman sat down to drink, but the city of Shushan was bewildered.

Upon hearing this Mordechai tore his clothes and put on sackcloth with ashes. Crying loudly and bitterly he approached the King’s gate. Most of the Jews were acting the same way once they heard of Haman’s evil decree.

Esther’s maids and chamberlains informed Queen Esther who was very upset about the situation, and sent Hasach to investigate. Mordechai supplied him with all the documents and asked him to convey the message to Esther to go to the King and appeal for mercy for Esther’s people.

Esther told Hasach to give Mordechai the following message – Everyone is aware that if the King is approached without being summoned that person can be put to death unless the King extends the gold scepter so that person can live.

Mordechai responded by saying- Do not think that you will escape in the King’s palace any more than the rest of the Jews. For if you persist in keeping silent at a time like this, relief for the Jews will come from elsewhere. And maybe G-d gave you this position at this particular time to help the Jews.

From Mordechai’s answer Esther had the courage to approach the King who handed her the gold scepter, and this led to Esther requesting a banquet which carries on to Chapter 6 as explained in a previous Blog.

Just before Chapter 6, Haman had the gallows erected to hang Mordechai, on which, of course, is where Haman would be hung.


I have suggested many times that Al Franken would be an ideal replacement for Omar. But it seems the Democrats are more interested in protecting Omar than throwing her out. And now Omar has run off to Africa hiding under the apron of Pelosi, when she has not cleared up all charges against her regarding her marriage or family history.

In other words, the Democrats are more interested in protecting a lawmaker who has broken more laws than she has made.


But looking more deeply into this current situation, it seems that Omar is not the major problem here.  But rather the current Minnesota Attorney General who has a very shady past named Keith Ellison, whom I have written about in previous Blogs.


He could be acting like the Mohammed Atta who was thought to be the leader of the 9/11 terrorists. But the problem is who wants to step forward and lead the call for an investigation into Keith Ellison. The only person brave enough in the Minnesota State Capital Bldg. willing to stand up and ask for an investigation of any kind into Omar is as I understand it is Steve Drazkowski, who is a Representative.


But I think it’s important that someone from the Minnesota Senate also joins in and speaks up calling for an investigation into Ellison. And for an idea of who that might be I went back to the information on the Kennedy family and came up with this observation.


The Kennedy baby that died was named after JFK’s father and grandfather according to the information I have. So if that baby lived, perhaps he could have been like the person who he is named after, and that would be another blemish on the Kennedy family name. But in this case G-d did not allow him to survive, but rather on that same exact day August 9. 1963, another baby was born, and guess where that person is today?


I am not providing that answer. Hopefully that answer will come from him. And he will start speaking up, like Esther did in front of the King, and help with the investigation into Keith Ellison.  Then the DFL party will become strong again without the influences of Ellison, Omar, or whatever her name is.

And once again the DFL party will be able to proudly serve the people of the Great State Of Minnesota.


And this just in- I also wanted to point out that August 4 both Obama and Ellison have birthdays. They also seem to share the same views on Israel and our people. And with wife Michelle now revealing details about her marriage to the former President, the story is sounding more familiar.













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