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Evolution and Faith

The theory of evolution by natural selection first formulated in Darwin’s book  “On the Origin of the Species in 1859 is the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable and physical behavioral traits.

Denial of evolution on earth in the light of modern science is difficult.

When the world and life becomes dark and it is missing the light of faith evolution enters into the minds of people.

Evolution and Faith

The theory of evolution by natural selection first formulated in Darwin’s book “On the Origin of the Species in 1859 is the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable and physical behavioral traits.  These are changes that allow an organism to better adapt to its environment which will help it survive and have more offspring. According to this theory over billions of years on the planet earth these changes have taken course to create the man we know today.  The changes are still taking place.  These changes can effect DNA structures within organisms.

Using relative and radiometric dating methods geologists are able to answer the question, how old is a fossil. The earth’s surface has changed over billions of years. Mountains have been built and eroded. The earth’s surface is moving and changing even today.

Denial of evolution on earth in the light of modern science is difficult.  In the past when the Torah was given one of the commandments was to suppress new ideas.  In Biblical law there is no place for free thinking.  The belief in God the creator of the universe was a law.  Also Moses gave the Torah the written Torah with broad knowledge and the oral instructions limiting permission to delve into the secrets hidden in the written Torah until they will become necessary. To restrict the mind from searching for answers to questions like evolution under a strict theocracy was possible.  When the Nation of Israel was conquered and even before people found freedom to think and explore into the secrets of life.

When the world and life becomes dark and it is missing the light of faith evolution enters into the minds of people.  People begin to think there is no God, no perfection, no unity.  The world is a world of chaos. On the first day of creation in the Bible of Moses is written, And the earth was empty and void and darkness dwelled on the surface of the waters.  The length of this period mentioned in Genesis:1 is not limited. It can be millions and billions of years for the development of the earth below and the beginning of life.  Only at the end of this day is mentioned Let there be light.  The spirit of God hovered in heaven over the earth.  The earth in the beginning was without spiritual light in chaos without reaching its perfection.  There was new life which did not survive replaced by another creation of life within nature without spirit.  Similar to the period of chaos in history before the unity of heaven and earth is civilization in the first two thousand years of creation.  In the first two thousand years of creation there was no law and order. Wickedness proclaims the superiority of the Ape before man as an excuse to be wicked.  The righteous and wise teach that man was created after the animal to teach that when he behaves wickedly even the animal or the mosquito which was created before him are greater than him; which means also to teach evolution man evolved from the ape.

At some point while evolution was taking place without culmination of a new species called man, God the power and energy of heaven united with earth to make a unity of heaven and earth which was man and woman.  Man was the aspect of heaven united with woman the aspect of earth and nature.  Evolution reached the level of woman which became the vessel for heavenly spirit.  From the bottom up woman is earth and man is life on earth.  From above to below man is heaven love and woman is earth fear a separate entity.  Heaven and earth are two existences.  Earth is the existence of time and space. Heaven is above time and space above nature.  Even after heaven and earth became joined the existence of heaven called God remained separate king of the universe.  At the lowest level which is earth there was a new existence which combined earth the four elements which are earth, water, fire and air with the spirit of God.  The four elements interchange between each other creating the various forms of natural life which are inanimate, plant, animal, physical man and woman through the process of evolution. In one instance “let there be light” the whole creation becomes united with heaven through a divine spark from “the spirit of God which hovered over the face of the waters” which was planted and blown into the nostrils of Adam and eve.  Adam was the element of dust and eve took the other three elements of water, fire and air.  It says, Adam was created from the dust of the earth and God blew into his nostrils the breath of life.  Eve the woman created with him through evolution of the species also became alive but now man became separate from woman because the spirit was given to the element dust.  The other elements became alive with spirit through Adam. The man of peace Adam unites the four elements and all of nature.

In nature there are times of climax.  In sex there is climax for the man which occurs once.  The woman can feel climax orgasm many times.  Orgasm is stimulation.  By the man Adam he received the breath of life stimulation of heavenly spirit directly from God one time in one instance which made him a different creation altogether. It elevated man from the beast to Adam the man of peace.  Before came the unity with spirit man and woman were both beasts, no peace, no orgasm, no culmination.  The stimulation of life energy came at the moment when evolution of man reached upward toward heaven enough to join with spirit.  There was then perfection of the species non proportional to that was in the power of nature which came through evolution millions and billions of years.

The first day of the creation in the Bible Genesis has a general meaning.  From the second day until the sixth day is described nature taking its course step by step until the creation of man on the earth.  Each day has a deep secret to be revealed by man chosen on the earth to know God and to love God.  The Bible does not take account of the time before heaven and earth became unified.  It was not important because there was no climax. The first climax was when Adam received the breath of life. Adam and Eve lived in euphoria in the Garden of Eden. Another period began afterwards when the energy of the first spiritual orgasm passed called the sin of eating from the tree of knowledge.  Adam and Eve returned to natural life. Their unity together when it says Adam knew Eve was of a lower level of spiritual unity than at the time of the Adam with God from dust to life. Nevertheless there was joy for both Adam and Eve when they conceived their first two children Cain and Havel.  The higher unity between God and man still exists and the Garden of Eden but it is a hidden secret.  It is closer for mankind to enjoy natural life with faith in God through religion.  In the Ashram in Laxmanjula India the goal is to reach the higher unity.  It might take a long time and may demand fasting and other bodily oppressions along with seclusion.  An easier way is given through religion allowing people to marry and have a family.

The day Adam received the breath of life from God is singled out and called Rosh Hashanna the New Year in the Jewish Calendar.  On this day the Shofar or Rams horn is blown a symbol of awakening Adam from the dust when he was given the breath of life.  At the end of time the Messiah will blow the Shofar which will awaken all of mankind to know and love God. According to Baha”i and Progressive Jewish Spirituality is evolution within the development of religion beginning with Judaism.  The great shofar of the messiah of freedom will unite all the religions and all of mankind with Adam and the holy prophets Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, in Jerusalem when will be revealed the light of resurrection of the dead which will come at the end of time.

Evolution was before the earth became connected to heaven.  It may still be going on for another billion years never reaching a culmination. Those that want to know God and free themselves from Amalek who claims there is only nature rejecting above nature called heaven, unite with Moses today in his resurrection with Jesus and Mohammed.  Like is instructed in the Bible Deuteronomy 4:39, You should know today and take it to your heart that God is infinite and unlimited, in the heavens and the earth there is none else. God is not limited to one people, one religion, one messiah.  He is one and infinite. Unite with the Shofar one sound of truth which is universal. The knowledge of God began at Mount Sinai in the open desert.  It has been received and dwells in synagogues, churches, and mosques.  It is also living outside in the world in song like the song of Serhat from San Marino.

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