Experts secrets :How to run a successful Online Enrichment program on 2021

Have you wondered how to start an online enrichment business? Or are you someone who began an in-person enrichment program and wants to transition to the online space?

You’re in luck as Directors of online enrichment programs, namely, OFEK Hub (IAC) and Lifetime Skills Academy, talk about their success in their online enrichment program and how the change from in-person to online was for them in a webinar. These are what we learned from their experiences:


It’s all about the community; its engagement.

The world was not ready for the coronavirus. When it hit globally, it hit hard, and every sector was affected, one of which is the educational sector. There was a need in the community – a lot of kids lost their schools, teachers lost their jobs, and after-school programs were forced to shut down. Everyone thought the coronavirus was just a month-long thing; a year later, the community can still experience the pandemic’s effects. The change to the online space had to be done.

The immense community needed a place to connect, a place to learn, and a place to engage. With all of that in check, you can expect smaller communities to form – student community, parent community, and staff community – all of which had extra attention and different needs. Knowing those specific needs and figuring out how your company can offer the best method to supply those needs directly to the sub-communities is critical for success.

Build Student-Instructor relationship

One noticeable difference between in-person and online enrichment programs is the interaction students and instructors have. Online enrichment programs must encourage student-faculty contact, which happens more in the online space. Online education where you click and follow along a course won’t cut it. It doesn’t promote engagement but acts like a robot following an instructional manual. Online instructors must be proactive by guiding the material through the students having a hard time in the program.

Promote student collaboration

Students and Instructor collaboration ,A constant struggle that instructors face is student cooperation. Student-to-student contact is equally essential to student-faculty communication as it fosters group work and collaboration. Student collaboration leads to a sense of community and higher learning outcomes; it’s also more fun that way.

Active learning encouragement

Something that the online enrichment program has given us is a new form of interactivity through the internet. Selected websites designed for enrichment programs and online education allow students to make choices better, learn from their choices, receive more control of the content, learn leadership roles, and have more options in what assignments to complete.

Prompt feedback

Another convenient characteristic of online courses is that it’s easier for students to see their results and view solutions to their tests or assignments immediately after submission. Instructors can and should promptly respond to student questions with a click of a button.

Talent diversity

Not all students are the same. Create online programs that offer students options that are suited for diverse talents and different ways of learning. Variety is even more possible thanks to the virtual realm; giving students choices in their learning experiences increases satisfaction and retention. It is vital to teaching in consideration of the various learning styles of the students.

Handling on-screen fatigue

Generally, People think screen time is harmful. Parents weren’t aware that kids could get educated on a screen. The global pandemic changed that; it’s all mixed now. Presently, there’s good screen time – time for education and social interaction – and lousy screen time – excessive leisure time.

Based on their clients’ feedback, students who experienced learning on-screen will want to continue learning in the virtual space due to the instructor’s attention and the quality of education given to them. In the future, we can expect that on-screen fatigue will potentially transform into on-screen intrigue.

Prompt feedback

Another convenient characteristic of online courses is that it’s easier for students to see their results and view solutions to their tests or assignments immediately after submission. Instructors can and should promptly respond to student questions with a click of a button.

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