Exposing The Fraudulent Terminology Of The “Left”

As we enter the year 5781, we find ourselves increasingly immersed in fraudulent leftist terminology perpetuated by Israeli and international media. 

This morning, your humble servant came across an anonymous post from “Lia” on rotter.net which describes some of that terminology well. What follows is a reformulated and reworked combination of “Lia’s” terminology list with additions and revisions by your humble servant.

*What does the media call “Jews defending themselves from those who what to kill them?

Israelis practicing apartheid.

*What does the media call “Judea and Samaria”–the ancestral home of the Jews?

The West Bank: the term given our homeland by Jordanian occupiers.  Just as Hadrian tried to erase “Judea” from the lexicon in 135 CE, the media strives to erase “Judea and Samaria” today.

*What does the media call any Israeli who tells the Palestinians the truth about themselves?

A racist.

*What does the media call Israeli forces trying to protect us from Palestinian terrorists?


*What does the media call undemocratic?

Any democratically elected government on the “right”.

*What does the media call any criticism of the “left” and any criticism of the Palestinians?


*What does the media call for when it wants to remove and replace the government by non-democratic means?

A criminal investigation.

*What does the media call a “leftist” government that deprioritizes Israeli security?

The maker of a “just society.”

*What does the media call political parties on the “left” that have rebranded themselves?

Center parties.

*What does the media call the lies and myths the Palestinians have created about their past such as the fable of the Nakba?

The Palestinian narrative.

*What does the media call a conservative Zionist?

A right-wing nationalist zealot.

*What does the media call anyone who disagrees with the “left”?

A controversial bigot.

*What does the media call anyone who tolerates intolerant groups?


*What does the media call the belief that the past is largely irrelevant and that people must be coerced into accepting new ideas about individual rights and civil liberties?

Progressive liberalism.

*What does the media call anyone who fights for the rights of all people except Israeli Jews?

A human rights activist.

*What does the media call a peace agreement signed by an Israeli leader which had and has terrible ramifications for the Israeli people?

*A peace of the brave.

*What does the media call the 169 suicide bombers that slaughtered more than 1100 Israeli men, women, and children after the Oslo Accords?

The fruits of peace.

*What does the media fondly call Jews and Jewish groups living outside of Israel who harshly criticize Israel abroad, and pour money into Israel in order to revolutionize Israeli society?

Diaspora Jewry.  This is particularly unfortunate because of the many Jews living in the Diaspora who strongly support Israel (though their numbers are diminishing).

And so ends our first vocabulary lesson (Vocabulary 101) on OneIsrael.org today. Tomorrow, we’ll present Vocabulary 102.

About the Author
George Rooks is a retired faculty member of the University of California, Davis. A lifelong writer, he has been writing the israelstreet.org blog for more than two years with readers in more than 100 countries. Long time chairman of the largest committee in his synagogue back in northern California, he directs numerous Israel advocacy projects in his locale and is a well-known speaker in the area. He and his wife live half of each year in California and half in Ashdod.