Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Extraordinary times

These are unique times. The world is shaking. People are thinking about life, morality, and purpose.

It’s a time when people are more open to realizing that G-d is everywhere, and that He conducts everything that happens by Divine providence.

It’s a time when humanity can excel in helping others with acts of kindness and goodness. Because just one good deed, and one good word, and one good thought, can tip the scales and bring help and salvation to the whole world. (See Maimonides Mishnah Torah Laws of Teshuva 3; 4)

And it’s a time when governments clearly see the  need to root out terrorism.

In all these areas, the Jewish people are serving as a shining example: Jews are increasingly strengthening their connection to G-d and Torah; Jewish technological expertise and philanthropy tremendously help humanity; Israelis are on the front lines eradicating terrorism, and Jews the world over are teaching societies the importance of eliminating hatred of others.

Jews have historically been a light to the nations. But now the Jewish people have taken centre stage.

Israel is in the spotlight. Mainstream and social media constantly discuss Israel and the Jewish people. Nations across the globe are watching — everyone wants to know what Israel will do next.

It’s a time when Jews can greatly publicize the seven Noahide laws that G-d told Moses, at Mount Sinai, to tell all the nations. Adhering to these laws brings peace to the world.

Perhaps these extraordinary times are a prelude to the times of Moshiach, when (Isaiah 11; 9) “the world will be filled with knowledge of G-d, just as the water covers the sea.”

May it happen very soon.

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