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Eye to the past, hope in the future for Bahá’í brethren

The British Broadcasting Corp. recently released the poignant and heartrending film titled “Iranian Revolutionary Justice.”

The film (English, Persian) highlights the previously unseen video of eight Bahá’ís who were executed for their faith and as members of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Iran.

The NSA is part of the Bahá’í Administrative Order. The Haifa-based Universal House of Justice is the central governing body of Bahá’ís.

“Under its guidance, elected bodies, known as Local Spiritual Assemblies and National Spiritual Assemblies tend to the affairs of the Bahá’í community at their respective levels, exercising legislative, executive, and judicial authority,” states

Executed 14 days after their arrest were these courageous souls: Mr. Mehdi Amin-Amin, Mr. Jalal Azizi, Dr. Ezzatollah Forouhi, Mrs. Jinous Mahmoudi, Dr. Mahmoud Majzoub, Dr. Sirous Rowshani, Dr. Ghodratollah Rowhani and Mr. Kamran Samimi.

Film 3It is not only Bahá’ís mentioned in this film.

“The Bahá’ís are not the only group who have been persecuted in Iran, although the injustices perpetrated against them have been systematic and part of the official government policy of Iran since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution,” Bani Dugal told Bahá’í’ World News Service.

Dugal is the Bahá’í International Community’s principal representative to the United Nations in New York.

“The film shows a justice system that violates virtually every accepted element of due process, from arbitrary arrest and detention to closed trials and biased judges,” she said. “The same system which executed Bahá’ís in the past continues to imprison them today.”

My hope is that the legacies of Persian tolerance of diverse religions and justice, which both stretch back to Cyrus the Great, will once again blossom, and that all Iranians will joyfully embrace Bahá’ís as their brothers and sisters.

More information from the Bahá’í International Community about this film is available at Bahá’í World News Service.

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