Eyes turned eastward

She has a sign on her wall,
much like The Writing on Wall
saying (as she’s praying):
This too shall pass

She has a sign on her wall
as being driven up said wall:
Stop and smell the roses
knowing (even owing)
a debt of gratitude for the gifts
so plenty, o many.

She has a sign on her wall:
Drop but just one ball
one can juggle six not ten
repeat, like a mantra, again
six not ten
(maybe only five)

She has a sign on her wall:
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
a copy from the book
she’s got no time to read
for the life she wants to lead
but first things first
it’s always first things first

She has a sign on her wall:
The Food Pyramid with a Twist
and a fifty item grocery list
’cause you are what you eat
and you eat what you are
cookies, cake and blue-frosted candy bar

She has a sign on her wall:
I’m looking for a Sign
not cry, shriek nor whine
simply, easily, painlessly
…Divine Sign

Just One Sign
for she
from Omnipotent He

On One Wall
a Western Wall
for wailing walls of her soul
(buried under other signs of other walls)
Hear O Israel the Lord our G-d the Lord is One

She has One sign on The Wall
the finest of signs
for all days and times
its vision a thrill,
eyes turned eastward
(past the clutter, peanut butter, and hungry sparrows on the sill)

She has One sign on One Wall
whispering through it all,
With me you can stand tall
incorrigible, invincible
wailing ,western
G-dly Wall

Smiling through dark night
illuminating light
an endless, eternal blessing:

It’s going to be all right.

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About the Author
Chana holds an M.S. in Special Education. Her innovative poems, essays and lectures reflect two and a half decades of experience working with students of all ages and abilities. Chana's writing has been published on, as well as in The Canadian Jewish News, The Jewish Press, and AMI. As a longtime volunteer with the Friendship Circle, Chana was recognised by the Ontario Legislature for “bringing a smile to the faces of children with special needs.” Although Chana 's "heart is in the east" she currently lives with her with her family in Toronto.