Fabric of (y)Our Lives

I have been vying to write this particular blog post for months. I wanted to build up to a grand presentation; to shine a spotlight on the textile art extravaganza I had the great fortune of curating. You’d think I would have found a hint on harnessing everyday creativity as simply stated in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic where many of the methods are practically spelled out.

Gilbert humbly suggests that if and when an idea visits you, you have choice on what to do with it; if you even want to work with it all, and I, almost always want to *play* with ALL the ideas, or share them with others, or upon waking, scramble to jot down the technicolor threads that swirl around my dreams. This is the life of a Creative.


So, I bring you, them.

They are four women of fabric and fibre, dye and lye, needle and thread, warp and weft.

Laurie Fendel, a fibre artist, initially inspired the idea of a material-based exhibit by gifting me a fabric hamsa, an omen of good luck, which travelled with me to PICO Jerusalem, the site of much magic.

I then did a social media shout out to find other females who manhandled looms, and bolts of fabric, who grappled with deep emotions, and sought solace in patterns and derived joy from the inconsistencies.

Fabric of Our Lives began to take shape and form.

Two years ago, I had admired the detail and precision of a piece Tamara Zuckerman of TaSue Designs had woven and worn to a HubEtzion business women’s meetup. She was someone to keep in contact with, and I saved her card. Everything is coming together now with her featured piece on display.

Suzanne Dekel was someone I needed to meet before truly experiencing her art. A high school buddy of mine miraculously connected us through the eighth notes on the first night of Hannukah with a Baroque performance, fixing and piecing together so many many things. Thank you Vlad!

(Rachel F. Wanetik)

During Passover break, our family ventured to the north and we (non-violently) bobbed and weaved a SAORI-inspired piece under the tutelage of Ja’el Batya Hatch, at Studio Tiferet haYetsirah. Letting go of the imperfections while meditatively creating beauty is an experience to behold.

This exhibit is not only about me or them, it’s about all of us, Pausing at the Intersections, and Collaboratively working on Ourselves, one stitch at a time.

Celebrate with us at the Fabric of Our Lives event, tonight, December 31 from 6-9PM, PICO Jerusalem, Poalei Tzedek 2, 4th floor. Free entry. Items for sale. 

About the Author
Rachel F. Wanetik (@gmail) couldn't have pivoted from Trash or Treasure, a litter cleanup activity and garbage talk at Jerusalem community gardens, to ReeLife Lessons (@gmail), an online series of classes, because it's all educational. Therefore she'll call it an offshoot program 'cause it sounds more nature-like, and she wants nothing more than to share her ideas with whomever wants to listen.
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