Face the Music – call a spade a spade

With the recent passing of Tisha B’Av, only gives insight to the plight and lives of the Jewish people 3000 years ago in Israel where Jews were both a majority and minority. Both temples stood for over 400 years. Even in those times, there were continuous wars against the Jews; but the Jews managed to survive with the might of Hashem.

What annoyed me is reading an article over the weekend where Hanan Ashrawi and Abdullah Abdullah, both key figures in the PA, continue to call us occupiers of Israel, as if Jews never lived here. They cite facts that are wrong and would never dare to challenge historians. The PA continue to abuse their receipt of donor funds and use a large portion to pay terrorists. They teach their children to hate Israel and the Jews. The PA rhetoric is not of peace but hatred, barbaric violence to kill, maim or hurt us in an attempt to kick us out of Israel. Threats and scare tactics have never worked as a ploy. They fight us 24/7 whether in the media, global politics, terror and so forth and so on, but never do they get closer to attain their goals. It’s a futile attempt that will only cost them loss of innocent people. Their justification is that there are martyrs who serve Allah. What a deranged way to reach spirituality. I think their persuasive tactics and empowerment is a convincing argument to young people to commit suicide where the  PA leverages them with financial incentives to receive life-long financial support – their MBA in terror.

They think that if we simply deed over lands in the West Bank and East Jerusalem to them our problems will go away. Anyone knows this is just a fallacy and that will only cause more problems for us and pose more risks to our citizens. Look at Gaza. We left Gaza in 2005 uprooting 8,000 people who occupied 21 settlements that included homes and many successful businesses that were later demolished and replaced with launching pads to promote terror. Instead of improving their lives, they use raw materials to dig sophisticated underground tunnels – a hopeless ideology. And you think by turning over the lands in the West Bank, would be any different? – only a nightmare to our citizens.

Not only this, Israel, the US and other countries expended tremendous effort and monetary investment to find a permanent resolution to the conflict. If you look at prior efforts, it’s obvious and clear that any kind of agreement put forth to the PA is unacceptable if it includes the State of Israel. Below are the key efforts made to resolve the conflict, from prior to the State of Israel being established until today that offered the PA an autonomous state that all resulted in a big fat zero are, which in layman’s terms, peace is an illusion not an option:

1947 – Jews Accept U.N. Partition Plan – totally rejected by the Palestinians which would have given them more land than that what they’re currently proposing;

2000 Camp David Summit between Ehud Barak and Arafat – Barak offered to cede all of Gaza, 96% of the West Bank and additional territory from within pre-1967 Israel, recognize an independent Palestinian state, cede parts of eastern Jerusalem to serve as the Palestinian capital, and recognize the right of Palestinian refugees to return to a new Palestinian state. Arafat rejected this outright.

2005 – Israel Unilaterally Withdraws from Gaza – With U.S. support, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza and parts of the West Bank, providing the Palestinians with a chance to prove their intention to fight terrorism and govern effectively. Unfortunately, the Israel was met by nearly 7,000 rockets and mortars fired from Hamas controlled Gaza. In 2014, Israel has another war with Hamas in which Hamas fired over 5000 rockets at Israel.

2007 – Israel Extends Hand in Peace at Annapolis Conference – Abbas reject Ehud Olmert’s offer for peace

There is no love affair or element of trust between Israel and the PA. We built Israel out of nothing that was once sand dunes plagued with contaminated water causing Malaria that through sweat and blood we created an oasis. Their ways will not ever get them a state or take them to the end zone. And in fact, soon, the US will enact a bill that will hold off on giving US taxpayer funds to the PA until they stop using this money to pay terrorists to glorify their sick demented actions that resulted in killing innocent people in the most sickening, cruel, barbaric and cowardly way possible. Other countries like Norway have also considered similar measures that will disallow the PA to use their funds to support terrorism. Perhaps the world will slowly catch on.

When they speak about the Al Aqsa Mosque as their sacred place of worship, what we call the “Temple Mount” was once the location of our first and second temple. They work so hard to destroy whatever artifacts they can find to rid us of our connection to this holy place. They managed to get guns into the compound to kill two innocent Israeli policeman and managed to bypass all security procedures managed by the Wakf. At least I we thought that is one domain that should have the highest regard for humanity but they took as this an opportunity (short lived) only tells you the cheap low levels they’re willing to go to kill innocent Israeli people.

Obviously, this demonstrates that we cannot have lax security measures even in one of the most famous mosques in the world. Israel responded to enact reasonable security measures to protect its citizens is fought with more violence from the PA and its citizens.

Ms. Ashrawi said that Jered Kushner cannot ignore history in his quest to find a peace solution. If this is the case, then the facts speak for themselves and we can have a better basis from which to move forward. Unfortunately, they don’t want to recognize our historical rights to Israel so nothing will emerge.

Here is what Abdullah said of Mr. Kushner’s recent speech in the US:

“He was raised in an extreme Zionist narrative, so you can’t expect him to know anything better. He doesn’t know the other side of the story. And if you want to mediate you must be objective, neutral, and listen to and absorb both narratives. He has only one narrative and it’s not easy to feed him with a new one.”

I do agree that when the PA abandoned their homes and moved abroad, Israel took ownership of these lands is unfair and wrong. On the same token, Jews across the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria) were robbed of their businesses, money and real estate that if a calculation were made, the PA would lose in extraordinary numbers. Once the Arab countries are ready to reimburse the Jews for their losses is when we can discuss a reconciliation of compensation due to those people who abandoned their homes.

The bottom line that peace is an illusion that is unlikely to happen in years to come. We must continue to focus our resources on promoting our technologies, ingenuity, intellectual assets as a global leader and to ensure our continued investment in our defense systems. Israel must continue to support population growth and annul their Yetzer Hara. Just “Face the music, call a spade a spade…

About the Author
Ron Diller lives in Israel with his family of four children.