Facebook Me a Baby? No I’ll Have it Later, With An Apple .

It’s been a real challenge to keep pace with the fringe benefit Joneses.

Our company OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services, a nonprofit social service organization employs 1,350 people. Astronomical health care costs coupled with a more regulated pension environment has challenged companies to search alternative recruitment and retention strategies.

Salary increases are simply insufficient to lure and maintain good employees.

Day care, flexi-time, avant garde cafeterias, employee wellness programs, tuition reimbursement, remote work from home, paid meals at your desk, late night drive-you-home-limo service, exotic retreats – all serve to supplement salaries and kindle employee interest and morale.

The faster the world moves the greater the evolution of the marketplace.

No more so than in technology. It’s a race to be the world’s biggest or smallest computer, the world’s richest entrepreneur, the world’s savviest marketer. Cutting edge is simply not good enough in technology. New boundaries need to be created by the instasecond.

Novelness in fringe benefits must match quantum salaries, options and putts. Becoming a millionaire at 30 is so grandish.

Facebook and Apple have decided on a new world order. Delay the population of the human species.

A fringe benefit at Facebook and Apple will now bonus female employees $20,000 to freeze their eggs to delay childbirth and focus on their careers. “We want to empower women at Apple to do the best work of their lives” said an Apple executive. This new perk is described as being family friendly.

Family friendly?

This past week, we just read Parshat Bereshit “In the Beginning.”

It is the story of G-D’s creation of the world. On the sixth day He created Man and Woman and eternalized the human species.

The world was created by G-D to regenerate. Agnostics and atheists may have difficulty with G-D but they like to have children.

Even one in seven infertile couples who may be non-believers beg, borrow and pray to have a child.

Facebook and Apple in their self-interest introduce a fringe benefit to delay childbirth. They consider this a fringe benefit?

This is the epitome of misogyny.

It demeans women saying we can’t wait for you to take standard maternity leave when you wish or when we consider it to be the height of your career. It discriminates against some infertile women in the workplace who wish they could benefit from this perk. It places pressure on husbands who wish for a baby and must now contend with Facebook’s and Apple’s redefinition of the sixth day of creation. The baby shall be Facebooked into your life cancel your Ob/Gyn.

Israel, the Jewish state once again stands apart from the rest of the world.

Silicon Valley pays you to delay childbirth. China bans you from having more than one child.

Israel pays you a bonus for every child you have.

Israel understands the value of every child to be born as soon as possible.  No delay.

No freezing. Mommy dearest today not tomorrow. Technology can order your groceries. It was never meant to order your baby son or daughter.

Facebook and Apple should take a lesson from Israel.

They are losing sight of the primary purpose of this world.

It is not for every person to own a computer. It is for more people to be born as soon as possible so more people can buy a computer faster. That is marketing. That is the fringe benefit bonus they should be giving to their employees.

Several years hence women who embraced the frozen egg option may find that their planned delayed motherhood has not progressed as planned.

Reproductive science is not as exact as computer generated models.

Facebook and Apple may guarantee money in the bank, but they can’t guarantee a baby in the womb.


About the Author
David Mandel is Chief Executive Officer of OHEL Children's Home and Family Services in New York