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Faith-Based Plan to Bring Peace to Israel

Barack Mandela is a member of the American Legion veterans organization.

My maternal grandmother, ‘Miss Ann’, only listened to faith-based, Christian, and Gospel music. When I was at my grandma’s home, I was not allowed to listen to Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Tupac Shakur, or Madonna.

“Grandson, you must only listen to Godly music. That secular pop music is of the Devil. Secular music is Satan’s music. You must listen only to music of God,” grandma said.

Although my grandmother is now an angel in heaven, her powerful advice still resonates with my soul and spirit. Sometimes I do listen to ‘secular’ music. However, my spirit often cries out for faith-based music.

When I am not feeling well, I nurture my body and soul by listening to these songs: ‘Healer’ by Kari Jobe, ‘What a Beautiful Name’ by Hillsong Worship, ‘Finally I Surrender’ by Misty Edwards, ‘How Great is Our God’ by Chris Tomlin, ‘God is Here’ by Martha Munizzi, ‘I Worship You With All of Me’ by Mary Alessi, ‘Speak to Me’ by Steph Alessi, ‘Believe for It’ by CeCe Winans, and ‘Praise Him in Advance’ by  Marvin Sapp.

I often stand in my living room with my hands raised towards the sky, my head bowing to God’s sacrifice of grace and mercy while blasting the song “The Blessing” by Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, and Elevation Worship.

Since I lived in the State of Israel for nearly six years, I have developed two plans for Israel to improve outreach to Christian communities worldwide.

First, I recommend the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) create a ‘Christian Corps’ that will be like the United States Marine Corps. The ‘IDF Christian Corps’ will combine cutting edge, high-tech combat with a Christian oriented devotion to the Land of Israel.

The ‘Christian Corps’ will be created under the consultation of Pastor John Hagee who is founder of Christians United for Israel. Other pastors will be consulted by the IDF including: Pastor Joel Osteen, Pastor Joyce Meyer, Pastor TD Jakes, Pastor Creflo Dollar, Pastor Steve Furtick, Pastor Robert Jeffress, Pope Francis, Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan of New York, and Pastor Suzan Johnson Cook.

Second, I recommend the Israel Defense Forces create a new unit in the IDF Spokespersons office called ‘IDF Voices of Grace’ (IDF-VOG)’. The ‘Voices of Grace’ representatives will travel to Christian communities throughout the world to promote human rights, fundamental fairness, national security, and social equality.

Both the IDF Christian Corps and the IDF Voices of Grace will help to promote Israel’s story to Christian believers and Jesus-focused communities around the world.

It cannot be forgotten that Jesus of Nazareth was a Jewish leader born in the Land of Israel. Israel can build upon this international Jesus connection to promote human rights and freedom.

Let us be inspired by the words of ‘What a Beautiful Name’ by Hillsong Worship:

“God has no rival. God has no equal. Now and forever our God reigns. God is the Kingdom. God is the Glory. God is the name of above all names”.

By putting God first, we will create peace, human rights, dignity, economic prosperity, and national security for both Israelis and Palestinians. The road to peace begins with faith in God.

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