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Fancible it need not be

Yousef Id’ies (phonetic), Minister of Waqf and Religious Affairs, seeks to criminalize Jews who are acting in full protection of the law.  He announced that

At least 184 violations by Israeli authorities against the holy sites in East Jerusalem and Hebron were reported in the recent two months…mainly…provocative visits by extremist Jewish settlers [and] a forcible shutdown of a major gate and unsubstantiated prevention of the call for prayer.

Other violations in Jerusalem also included the approval of the creation of a Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem’s Old City neighborhood, in addition to approving the construction of a museum at the site of Ma’man Allah cemetery near al-Aqsa Mosque.

Moreover, he gets a bit fancible:

Last April, Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage warned of Israeli bids advised by the so-called Temple Mount groups to officially turn the historical Tankaziya School, located within al-Aqsa Mosque compound, into a Jewish synagogue. The school was turned into a synagogue for enlisted soldiers and a military site for the Israel Border Police gendarmerie in 1969.

That building is the Madrasa al-Tankiziya (the ‘Mahkamah’) building, which overlooks the Temple Mount and is located near the Chain Gate and is the base for the Border Police.  And yes, there is a small synagogue therein, established by Rabbi Shlomo Goren.

The “bids” may actually refer to my suggestion to turn the colonnaded section under the building into a prayer hall.  I am honored.

But the bottom line is why does not the government of Israel uphold the law?  Is that too fancible a wish?

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