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Farrakhan and Sarsour: Come Stay in a Bomb Shelter!

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At this writing on November 14,2018 a so-called cease fire is in effect…supposedly. Hamas terrorists have fired more than 500 rockets into southern Israel.

Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan, antisemitic “twins” born decades apart,have made headlines displaying their antisemitic positions. Sarsour,a leader for the Women’s March and proponent of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement, proclaimed,”There’s no room in the feminist movement for supporters of Israel.” In a recent speech at Nation of Islam’s annual meeting, Farrakhan made himself crystal clear describing “Satanic Jews” to his 960,000 followers on social media. He also called them “termites.” The duo has now mainstreamed themselves into American society shamelessly antisemitic and gathering far too many admirers.

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Farrakhan (far left) at Aretha Franklin’s funeral in Detroit, Michigan (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

While in Israel for the GPO’s Christian Media Summit last month, I remained a few more days. Rabbi Shmuel Bowman, Executive Director of Operation Life Shield hosted me so that I could re-visit southern Israel to talk with residents and view the fire damage first-hand. Honestly, I wish I was there now but by writing, I hope to urge others to help.

Of course my bomb shelter idea is tongue-in-cheek but Sarsour, Farrakhan, and leaders in United Nations, European Union, and yes, “progressive” Evangelicals could benefit from walking a mile in Israeli shoes, making sure they are walking right next to the Gaza fence. Many forget or don’t care that Israeli civilians have lived under terror attacks since Israel’s leadership forcibly evacuated every Jewish family from Gaza in 2005. When the IDF closed the gate behind them, Israeli’s hope after unimaginable sacrifice was that Arabs would turn Gaza into a Singapore on the Mediterranean. The Arab leaders could have used the 2005 evacuation of Jews to build a state, a peaceful state. Instead, it is an Iranian surrogate, an enclave of unending terror bent on killing every Jew. Hamas and other terror organizations are not seeking the now-mythical two-state solution. They want a take over, another genocide.

Sarsour has three children and Farrakhan has 9 children. They would not want their own children to live like the children in Sderot and the Gaza Envelope. A mother in Sderot just posted this heartbreaking comment:”It’s really been awful for my family, my small children. Each time they decide on a ‘ceasefire’ it’s a huge big reminder that we’re gonna be going through this again. We ran hundreds of times to our bomb shelters, in fact we ‘slept’ there. We have less than 15 seconds to get there. And it’s not a quiet 15 seconds. It’s the sound of the Red Alert beeper,the loud alarms going off and the Iron Dome flying over our heads which sound probably pretty close to the gates of hell opening up. Now they say ‘ceasefire’ and my kids are supposed to wait for the bus on a street corner tomorrow and walk to school like nothing ever happened. People feel ignored here, like sitting ducks, ‘tortured’ I guess you could say.This is life in Sderot for those who don’t know.”

I myself am not holding my breath waiting for Hamas to adhere to any cease fire. It’s like asking a predatory animal not to stalk and kill its prey. Hamas has its own hateful version of ceasefires. It’s simply a way for Hamas to re-arm and reset their rocket launching sites. And to gin up more propaganda blaming Israel for the current conflict so that naive news outlets and commentators, agenda-driven or not, would swallow their clever propaganda without question.

What can we do about the wall of intransigent terror to help our Israeli friends?

Both the Jewish and Christian communities are uniting to get behind any number of humanitarian efforts. One of the most sensible and necessary is Operation Life Shield,(OLS)an emergency campaign to save Israeli civilians in threatened communities located in the Gaza Envelope. Their placement of 300 bomb shelters over 10 years and their current campaign to raise money for more shelters,fire trailers and fire-fighting ATVs is literally saving lives.

OLS Executive Director Shmuel Bowman spent several nights with the mayor of Sdot Negev municipality in a leadership bunker bomb shelter under fire. He held an emergency conference call November 12 updating a group of us on the intensified seriousness Israelis are facing. He asked us to download the Red Alert App and pray each time it sounded. He asked us to spread the truth about terror. And he asked us to help raise funds for shelters needed now more than ever.

Shmuel Bowman with the smallest bomb shelter
Operation Lifeshield Executive Director in bomb shelter PHOTO:OLS
Operation Lifeshield (OLS) bomb shelter delivery Photo: OLS

I admit, this is ridiculous, but miracles do still happen! Might Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan make a donation for a bomb shelter to redeem their antisemitism? I don’t think so. But I do know who can help! All of us reading my blog.

In both the United States and Israel, segments of our citizenry are experiencing multiple traumas. In the US, fires in California and floods in southern states are destroying homes and taking lives. We cannot do anything about natural disasters anywhere but we can help recovery wherever possible. Let’s reach out to our Israeli friends and contribute to Operation Life Shield’s life saving efforts!

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