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Fascism, Nazism, Communism and Islamism in one Frame

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After the Second World War and the defeat of Nazi Germany, significant social changes have been interpreted or explained in the shadow or under the influence of European nazism.

The crackdown on student movements in the 1960s in Paris and the resistance of the Allende government in Chile against the right-wing Pinochet or any other phenomenon without a miture of anti-racism and anti-fascism beliefs is unbelievable.

Nazism in Europe owes its immortality to Hitler’s National Socialist Party; or vice versa: Hitler himself is the descendant of racist ideas, especially anti-Semitic ideas of the medieval Church.

In this piece, we briefly go through the emergence of Nazism in Germany through Hitler’s efforts in gaining parliamentary majority to seize political power.

Along with Hitler’s countless lies in his book and political manifesto, vast groups of Germans in different social classes were under the influence of some Orthodox Church leaders in Germany and Tsarist Russia and they wouldn’t hide their hatred of Jews. The defeat of Germany in the First World War and its consequent humiliation by the triumphant France led to the formation of various “resistance” organizations in Germany which were opposed to any non-German philosophy.

Adolf Hitler joined such groups and frequented the rendezvous bars of “resistance” members and gradually elevated their hatred level to such an extent that eventually raised the National Socialist Party members to “coup mongers.”

Their coup was thwarted, and Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison; but with the help of an influential and racist judge, he wouldn’t serve more than nine months in the comfortable Hotel-prison. As Hitler put it himself, it was a university semester paid by the stupid government! There Hitler wrote his famous book “Mein Kampf” and took part in daily conversations with Nazi leaders such as Ernst Rohm and Wilhelm Rosenberg.

Through establishing the German National Socialist Party in ‘prison’, Hitler as the theorist of the “anti-revolutionary” faction proclaimed that “in order to seize power, we don’t need a revolution, we only need to find our way to Reichtag through general elections, and after seizing power we will deal with dissidents.”

On the contrary, Ernst Rohm insisted that “I am a revolutionary and I am well aware that dealing with masses requires a level of violence and dictatorship. They not only need it, but also favor it.” Rohm wanted to replace Hitler. Eventually Hitler’s theory was triumphant, but their disputes didn’t end until Rohm was executed.

Hitler’s theory became a model for all ideological murderers for seizing power. He constantly ordered his Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, that “we need people who have faith in us to overcome the inferior race. Knowledge, understanding and cultivation are of no use to us. We already have knowledge; we only need to find naive people.”

Such superficially appealing doctrines culminated in the total destruction of Germany and those who followed Nazism in WW2, while people were thriving and enjoying life in North America.

Nazis do not teach that the danger is not in the other people’s skin color or cultures of other places in the world. They believe that “you must put yourself in danger against other people’s interest and accept the consequences.”

Nazism and racism do not preach that the excellence in life is gained through spiritual and material exultation; on the contrary, they claim that “through war, conflict and Darwinian selectivism one can achieve humanity.”

Hitler believed that revolution was wrong. Instead, he believed in seizing power through infiltrating the democratic systems. He believed that in order to seize power, naive, ideology-ridden individuals and not wise, educated people are necessary.

Forty years after the fall of Nazism, another version of it emerged in Iran. The Islamist regime which seized power in 1979 with Khomeini as its leader, followed similar Nazist doctrines. The regime killed most of the experts and educated people and forced others to leave Iran. Khomeini, by announcin that “Economy is for asses,” empowered those who slavishly followed the Islamist regime’s injunctions. Since then they have been ruthlessly trying to annihilate Israel. We can see that Hitler’s ideology is still very much alive.

Unfortunately, EU states do not have the desire to fight Nazist, Fascist, Communist and Islamist notions. What is the difference between a communist racist European and an apocalyptic Islamist vis a vis Israel and Jewish people? The problem is that some people don’t want to accept that such notions stem from “Supermacism.”

Israel’s message to European politicians is that they should be pioneers in the fight against racism and Islamism, but some European countries are spineless vis a vis their countries’ Leftist politicians who try to maintain the “balance of power,” and believe that if they fight racist and Islamist notions their governments will be overthrown.

Europe must be clear about its stance; they can’t solve their problems through apathy and appeasement. One of the nerve centers of the Islamist terrorists is in Europe. They have created several institutions with the help of racists and Leftists and use the European governments’ allowances under the cover of cultural activities to press forward their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic agendas.

Islamists are aware of the loopholes in EU states’ constitutions. European countries have lost their independence, because they have agreed that the laws must be enacted in the European Union; thus, racists and Islamists act without consequence.

A brief study of the music companies which produce racist songs reveals their multi-billion-dollar revenues. Also, there are racist and anti-Semitic individuals in key positions in the EU states who appear in the national media as experts.

In this regard, we can point out what happened in the peaceful and humane state of Sweden in recent weeks. Six Islamist preachers were arrested by Swedish security agents for acting against national security, and the court ordered their deportation and even the government acknowledged it. However, they were not deported due to the loopholes in the Swedish constitution, and the government didn’t even keep them in prison.

The Swedish government had planned to form a committee by 2023 to vote the anti-terrorism article in the constitution. The aforementioned detainees were supposed to be in prison until then, but today they are free and perceived as heroes among their supporters in Europe.

Magnus Ranstorp, one of Sweden’s foremost experts on radical Islam,  believes that the Islamists pose a grave threat to Sweden’s security.

According to the latest reports by the Swedish police, there have been 187 explosions in Sweden in 2018, while the number of the dead or injured has not been released. On the other hand, a group affiliated with the racist NMR gang has gained the permission to hold protests in Raoul Wallenbeg square near the Jewish Community Center!

Aron Verstandig, president of the Jewish Community of Stockholm,  criticized the officials  for granting permission to hold the protests, adding that it is clear that people have the right to protest in Sweden, but I don’t think it’s a good idea that racist individuals and groups hold protests in a square that has been named after Raoul Wallenberg who lost his life at the hands of racists and Fascists.

Another instance of clear and present danger is the Islamist regime in Iran. Everyone knows that the Islamist regime does anything in its power to build nuclear bombs and does anything to annihilate Israel, whether by helping terrorist groups in the Middle East or sending its operatives to European countries under the cover of experts, traders, journalists, etc.

Have EU countries chosen the appropriate policies in dealing with such threats? EU countries must refrain from trying to bring about a balance between racism and Islamism. Instead, they should be vanguards in the fight against terrorism; otherwise, the next generations of Europeans will have to pay the price for the disastrous policies of their present leaders.

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.