Favorite Photos from Jerusalem Formula 2014 Road Show

The loud roaring engines of the Jerusalem Formula 2014 Road Show are off the streets, however, the noise over the value of this motor sport event will continue.

If you were not able to get near the Old City for the spectacle, here are a few favorite scenes that might be appreciated, no matter what you think of the event location or timing.

image Formula drivers

At opening press conference, with other Israeli drivers sitting on each side,.Alon Day, second from right, answered questions.

Formula Road Show

Much easier to take selfies, when not behind the wheel.

Formula Road Race

Thumbs up for the motorcycle stunt drivers who stole the show.

image Roy Nissany

Israeli Formula driver Roy Nissany before suiting up,

image race car

and on the track behind the wheel. Love that Israeli flag on the car!

image Yarin Stern Formula 3

Another Israeli driver Yarin Stern (Formula 3) poses with his car.The Israeli drivers train in Italy because there is no track in Israel.

formula road show

Two of the cars near the Tower of David, where crowds gathered each afternoon to watch the show.

Hot Rod Vehicle

Stunt driver Terry Grant sat on top of his hot rod to give an interview.

car smoking no track

While on the track, Grant got out of his smoking, spinning car and left it empty and.spinning. After a few spins, he got back in, spun around some more and then zoomed away.

image motorcycle at Formula

FMX4Ever motorcyclist on the ground,

motorcycle in air

off the motorcycle

image motorcycle stunt

and flying like ET, but with this was live and with no wires attached.

race car

Loud, noisy, controversial, but beautiful cars and much more Israeli flag waving this year.

Formula 2014 crowd

The Jerusalem Road Show did get people out and got their attention.

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