Avrum Ehrlich
Jerusalem based theologian / social - civilisational analyst

Federation of Responsible Entities (FRE)

Israel may be forever… but the constellations and variables of it’s environ may forever change. The political structures in place at this juncture of the 21st century may be antiquated for the evolving circumstances. Introducing a superstructure to accommodate a new Middle East:

The Federation of Responsible Entities (FRE) is a proposed super state administration formed from a plethora of political, ethnic, business, administrative representatives appointed by each respective Responsible Entity (Israeli and Palestinian and further afield) to work together for the explicit purpose of regional development and cooperation in services and infrastructure and more.

Responsible Entities included in the Administration but not limited to:

State of Israel

Administration of the Old City of Jerusalem

Administration of Judea

Administration of Samaria

Autonomy of Palestine

Administration of Gaza

Administration of Bethlehem

Administration of the Golan

Administration of the Jordan Valley

Nominated members, for example:

Administration of the Bedouins of the Sinai

Federation of Responsible Entities (FRE) Principles

FRE has a Plenary, Executive and Oversight.

FRE works with an expansive budget committed by international signaturees and guarantors including the US, Russia, China and their respective allies and regional collaborators including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi, Qatar and their allies.

FRE has enhanced and sweeping authorities to implement mutually agreed infrastructure and regional development projects for mutual gain.

FRE operates an innovative, hybrid, results oriented, professional – meritocratic, responsible coordinating committee appointed and empowered by their respective responsible entities. FRE is inter-entity, unifying administrative – coordinative based.

FRE has no mandate for political discussion and separates ideological debate from economic and regional development.

FRE’s exclusive mandate is to cultivate the economic, logistical and cultural interactivity amongst its member entities and facilitate peaceful and constructive cooperation for mutual benefit of fellow responsible entities.

FRE has an option to evolve into a more influential civic structure by cultivating broad regional representation and demonstrating commitment to the interconnectedness of local people and infrastructure by projects in regional cooperation, commerce, friendship and collaboration.

Each Responsible Entity administers its own domestic representation / appointment procedure, internal and political affairs, economic rigor, judiciary and oversight.

Israel is the only Responsible Entity authorized and entitled to administer an army, navy, airforce and comprehensive services relating to all its borders.

International signaturees commit to expanding the interconnectedness of regional infrastructure demonstrably ensuring long term regional growth and prosperity.

International signaturees agree to move their embassies, scientific, economic and cultural headquarters to the old city of Jerusalem to be administered by the Administration of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Each responsible entity elects or appoints preeminent delegates to the FRE plenary and coordinating council, including for example:

Elected regional representatives

Oversight judge

Oversight ombudsman

Oversight reporter / blogger

Oversight minister

Executive expert for shared infrastructure, roads, bridges, tunnels, pipe, rail and waterways and major interlinking and extra linking projects.

Executive expert, water

Executive expert, energy

Executive expert, health

Executive expert, trade

Executive expert, digital services

Executive expert in science and technology services

Executive expert, tourism, preservation and development of regional sites.

Representative, award winning regional cooperation projects

Representative, non profits for regional development.

Representative, youth aged 20-30.

Representative, aged 15-18.

Representative aged 12-14.

Representative, education.

Representative, woman.

Representative, the aged.

Representative, mentally and physically challenged.

A framework which divides ethno-ideo-religious passions from regional executive cooperation like Western Civilization divides its powers between Church and State and like China’s Communist Party separates powers between Ideology and Business, FRE has the structural flexibility to rally the Middle East into an era of peace and prosperity drawing upon different ethnic, political and ideo-religious axis for shared prosperity while mitigating the effects of potential stress.

About the Author
Avrum Ehrlich is a Jerusalem-based theologian and social-civilizational analyst. He is a life member of Clare Hall, Cambridge University, and was a visiting fellow at its Department of Social and Political Studies and Cambridge Theological Seminary. He was a full professor of Judaic and inter-religious thought at China’s key research institute for inter-religious studies and social development at Shandong University, China. He has authored and edited volumes and articles spanning religion, comparative culture and identity. He held university positions and synagogue pulpits, lectured and delivered sermons in academic, community and public forums around the world. Professor Ehrlich practices full immersion engagement and experientialism in much of his scholarship and intellectual adventures. He currently holds reading rights at the Van Leer Institute for Social Sciences in Jerusalem.