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Female Entrepreneurs Launching In 2019

New product launches are so exciting, which is why I couldn’t help but write about three amazing launches from three unique and powerful women in Israel.

If you love modern Judaica, then Laura Cowan’s sleek and contemporary Judaica designs will simply delight. This year, Laura has introduced a new “Night and Day” line. Featuring her first Kiddush Cup and matching Shabbat candlesticks, the black and white line features real gold embellishments and a gold signature. Made of high-quality ceramics, this breathtaking design is her first piece of Judaica made from ceramics and has real gold accents.

This brand new collection will light up your Shabbat table with bright and modern Judaica art.

One interesting theme that her new line addresses is the changing of light as day becomes night – but also the changing of light as night becomes day when look at the candlesticks from top to bottom or bottom to top. There is a magical junction where the light is such that if we forgot time, we can’t distinguish whether the dawn will break, or the dark will set in. Laura’s beautiful “Night and Day” line captures this fleeting feeling with a stunning gold band, which separates the “night” and “day” sections of her new Kiddush Cup and Shabbat Candlesticks.

If you’ve tried to order from Curryliina’s kosher curry restaurant, you’ll know they’re in the process of moving from their Bnei Barak location to Ramat HaHayal. Karolina, owner of Curryliina’s is also the head chef and creating a whole new menu. The restaurant aims not only to serve delicious and kosher curry, but to be a vibrant and exciting (and kosher!) nightspot in Ramat HaHayal. In the first month, Curryliina’s will host performances from hip-hop artists to piano players and all types music in-between.

Currently, as the only kosher Mehadrin restaurant and cocktail lounge, Curryliina’s is sure to spice up the food and nightlife in Ramat HaHayal. For kosher curry fans and cocktail lovers, this new location will feature a karaoke night every week, which was popular in the old location. The menu will be updated, and the grand opening will feature a cocktail hour, followed by a performance.

If you’re looking for management sales, rentals, and buying in Israel, as well as selling a high-end apartment or make any other kind of real estate transaction, Sabrina Ziff is the woman you want to know. For many years, people looking for real estate turned to Sabrina. In February 2019, Sabrina launched Israel Property Network that connects professional agents all over Israel. Using proprietary software which she developed abroad with her partners, Sabrina’s platform connects agents with the ability to update and manage all of their properties 24/7.

In her first week of launching, agents all over Israel joined the network to access high-end properties for sale and rent in Sabrina’s network. Some of her first properties on her new network have been apartments in the beautiful iconic buildings on the Tel Aviv shore, while others have been gorgeous penthouses in Ra’anana. She specializes in home buying and holiday home management and providing an international 5 star service including providing that extra support during the Aliya process.

For Leanne Kaye, opening a new business is old hat. After selling her first business, starting then closing another, working freelance for years, she’s back in the entrepreneurship game. After the online marketing company she was freelancing for regularly closed, Leanne faced the decision to start a new business or go to work for a salary. Leanne was born an entrepreneur, so for her this 0-was no choice – she chose to make a new business. While her first book was published in 2018, in 2019 she plans to continue writing, publishing, and creating while she’s building her new business. You can find her Previvor book here.

While in the last online marketing company she worked doing many creative tasks, in this new role she’s much more in charge of client satisfaction and project management. Her new company is officially launching in March 2019. She will continue finishing some of the projects from her old freelance jobs but is looking forward to taking things in a different direction. Kaye & Perry Marketing is working with a variety of people, from small artists to venture capitalists looking for new ideas.

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