Fidget Spinner principle

In continuation of our conversation, lets talk about a very simple, although a very profound equilibrium principle.

Three S principle of balanced life does incorporate the following categories: Science, Sport and Sex, in any relevant to you order, as long as all three variables are fairly balanced and properly applied, the time and place is of the essence. These three elements are interdependent bases of our weekly, monthly or annual routine. In various chapters of our life we do utilize these elements in a different proportion, advancing one in favor of the other two.

Fidget Spinner Photo: CC0
Fidget Spinner. Photo: CC0

The essential message of this principle is that each of these components is equally important to our daily mental health and physical condition. Therefore, we have to find a balance among these three elements.

Number three is significant to many world religions, both in Christianity, Islam and Judaism we can find a concept or a principal influenced by the number three. These concepts often refer to the Past, the Present and the Future in correspondence with the Birth, the Life and the Death.

World renowned three wise Japanese monkeys: Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru are simply the negative forms of Seeing, Hearing and Speaking engagement elements of this physical world.

Three Wise Monkeys Foto:, 2014 (CC BY-SA)
Three Wise Monkeys. Photo:, 2014 (CC BY-SA)

Three is also a magical number that represents wisdom, stability, harmony, equilibrium, peace and understanding. From the oral Torah we learn that World is built on the following three founding principals: Torah (Wisdom), Avodah (Work through Action), and Chessed (Loving-Kindness)

The Torah wisdom represents all available world knowledge, which is a foundation of the Science component. Physical tangible actions and the developing comprehension of the binah qualities are transformed through the Sport like action variables. Experiencing sensitivity and emotions, generating feelings, shaping empathy towards others, intellectually grasping pleasures in its most refined form is simplified into the broader Sex element of loving-kindness.

Thus, Happiness is a byproduct of our balanced living that incorporates all of these equilibrium elements of three S.

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