FIFA’s Fraud: Red-Handed


Liars. Cheats. Thieves.

This is the FIFA organization that governs competitive international soccer and generated  billions in revenue last year..

It seems no greater selfish pursuit of lining their greedy pockets with more money than their already inflated salaries, free dinners, worldwide jaunts, and luxury hotels was not enough. They had to have more.

If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely then surely here money fuels greed and absolute money fuels absolute greed.

These people are ruining the game I loved and cherished and was part of my childhood and teenage years. They are thieves even beyond money.

I hope in prison they forbidden from watching any soccer.


But what boggles my mind even further:

These crooks caught red-carded and red-handed in serving their own baseless self interest have acted as if they have done no wrong. The president Sepp Blatter continued to run in the elections for sure knowing that an indictment and arrest was coming at any hour.

Crooks are even worse when they have no shame. A soccer player with a red-card hangs his head with more dismay.

Yet, even more shameful than how FIFA executives entertained themselves as bastions of brand while using the brand to enrich themselves is how they actually entertained ridiculous palestinian demands to ban israel from world competition: based on lies, deciept, and millenia old: Jew-hate.

While Israel was fighting wars these guys were taking bribes.

While Israel was warning people to evacuate to avoid harm these guys were harming the financial interests of millions.

While Israel was seeking to aid innocent civilians these guys were aiding themselves.

While Israel was selfless these guys were selfish and self-absorbed.

While Israel was spying on its enemies and collaborating to ensure protection for its innocent, Chuck Blazer was selling out his co-conspirators to avoid punishment.

While Israel was fighting for its survival FIFA was deliberating banning the team based on politics and alleged war crimes and the ongoing Israel Palestine conflict.

While the US government spent millions over 25 years to investigate and build a case against FIFA the EU, UN, and US still support flippant and ridiculous investigations into Israeli war crimes such as the Goldstone Report and other UN condemnations.

Makes sense: investigate soccer(football) for more than 25 years at taxpayer expense. Investigate the ally and democracy of Israel for its actions against terrorists who are sworn to annihilate Israel and find Israel conclusively guilty in under a year.

I say investigate the investigators. AND the funding funnel.

Blazer, whom I have nicknamed amongst friends: “the slimeball”, pleaded guilty in 2013 to federal charges including conspiracies to commit bribery, money laundering and tax evasion and then promptly struck a deal with DOJ prosecutors. Blazer was earning more than $11 million in undeclared income between 2005 and 2010.

Yeh. Slimeball.

How does the government allow undeclared income to go “unnoticed” for 5 years.

If I make a minor mistake on lines B through G on my personal income tax returns a SWAT team is likely to show at my house.

Go figure.

When the game was still “innocent” to me….power meant a wicked hard kick or a defender that couldn’t be passed or a team that put up points with alacrity.

Today it means having political connections, money, and immunity.

And all the while FIFA officials were allegedly taking bribes totaling more than $150 million over 24 years they were also listening to cries of “foul” Israel: comparing the Jewish State to a South African apartheid regime–with help from BDS. The intent?: to shame FIFA to ban Israel from world soccer competition as was done decades prior to the South African regime.

Simply, the answer should have been: NO. Instead while FIFA executives were plodding, scamming, stealing, and taking bribes–with obvious conflict of interest– they were likewise encouraging murderers to continue their rampage. Far worse than a red card or even caught red handed stealing, these politicians hands’ are dripping with the blood of suffering Arabs and Jews alike.

ramallah lynching blood handsRamallah Lynching

So. who is worse: the people that commit this heinous murder above or the people that perpetuate the incitement and lies that encourage such? Which is worse: the propaganda or the perpetrator? Who is worse, the King ruling from his golden throne ordering the heads of those he murders or the men who actually carry out the gruesome orders?

israelsoccerIsrael National Team

Israel should be offered–unconditionally– a card never issued by FIFA: a blue and white card for life membership.

And while Israel fights for existence, and fights for wins on the soccer field, the men that selfishly sought to ruin my favorite sport should never, ever see another soccer match. Ever.

About the Author
With multi-colored blood and a tangle of (up)roots from Nepal to Louisville to Dallas to South Carolina, Denver and Chicago Susan Lui has finally begun planting her roots on Long Island where she enjoys ocean breezes, art, writing, philosophy, and immersing and nurturing her thriving always untangling roots of her Jewish ancestry and tradition.