Taras Kuzio

Finally, we have an Israeli-Ukrainian military alliance

Its official. We have an Israeli-Ukrainian military alliance.

I have been saying since early 2023, Israel needs to wake up to the existential threat from an Russian-Iranian military alliance. But Prime Minister Netanyahu wanted to continue to be pals with Putin. This cozy relationship ended on October 7 when the Iranian proxy Hamas launched its mass murder terrorist attack against Israel.

It took five months for Netanyahu to finally wake up to the fact that Ukraine and Israel are both slated for genocidal extinction by Russia and Iran.

There are ten geopolitical and ideological ramifications of an Israeli-Ukrainian military alliance:

1) Provides Ukraine with a minimum of air defense assets, and at a maximum major pieces of military equipment.

2) Israel and Ukraine have extensive intelligence and counterterrorist and counter-subversion experience that will be of use to each other’s wars against the anti-Western axis of evil.

3) Ideological allies in international forums against the anti-Western axis of evil Russia-Iran-North Korea.

4) Ukraine and Azerbaijan now have the closest strategic partnerships with Israel of the nations which emerged from the USSR.

5) Ukraine and Azerbaijan are united with Israel against Iranian theocratic fundamentalism and Persian imperialism.

6) An Israeli-Ukrainian military alliance makes even more mockery of Kremlin claims of a Nazi Ukraine.

7) For Zelensky this is a personal victory because of his Jewish background and the suffering and murder of his family members by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

8) Expect Kremlin leaders and disinformation propaganda to become even more anti-Semitic.

9) An Israeli-Ukrainian military alliance makes it very difficult for Trump populists to stop militarily supporting Ukraine.

10) It is time to finally realise the anti-Western axis of evil considers itself to be de facto already in World War III.

About the Author
Professor in the Department of Political Science, National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy and Associate Research at the Henry Jackson Society think tank in London, UK. Author and editor of 23 books, including Fascism and Genocide. Russia’s War Against Ukrainians (2023) and Russian Nationalism and the Russian-Ukrainian War (2022), and book chapters, scholarly and media articles on Russian, Ukrainian, South Caucasian, and Greater Middle East geopolitics.