Financially preparing for 5775

We are now approaching the end of the Jewish calendar 5774 year and we will soon commencing a new year, 5775.  Each new year brings with it the hope to achieving the Israeli dream of being financially stable.

Photo: ‎בתהליך מרתק שהעברתי לאחרונה זוג עם 3 ילדים שהאשה עצמאית (=בעלת הכנסה משתנה), המשפחה הגיעה למצב בו תוך 3 חודשים המינוס בן חמש הספרות נעלם ובמקומו נהיה פלוס באותו סדר גודל. זה לא נס - אלא צירוף של עבודה נכונה ושיתוף פעולה. ואצל עצמאיים אני גם תמיד אומרת שזה עניין של עיתוי. כשעצמאיים מתחילים תהליך בתקופה בה העסק מביא הכנסות ולא בתקופה של קיפאון (עקב חג למשל)- אנו גם מנטרלים לחץ מיותר וקל יותר להגיע לתוצאות.<br />
אני כאן עבורכם בכל מקרה- גם בתקופה טובה יותר וגם בתקופה טובה פחות.<br />
העיקר- להתחיל ולא לדחות. 054-4217207, סוזי קהתי, יועצת לכלכלת המשפחה עם התמחות במשפחות בעלות הכנסה משתנה.‎

So in order to create your personal budget here are some myths why you are unable to budget.

  1. Lack of time, some of you, like myself being self-employed, work a 6 day week.  Shabbat I do not work, but I still make time to sit done to prepare my budget.  We seem to make time for everything else from preparing a meal to going out with friends.  With my system, all you need to is 10 minutes to deal with my budget.  A very wise woman once told me, “Suzy, you always have 10 minutes before you shower, to do something that needs to done”.  So true.
  2. Financial Procrastination – We tend to put off items that we do not want to deal with and only deal with them when we have to.   This situation requires more time and energy in dealing with the situation than it would require if we dealt with it in the first place.  For example, going to the dentist, if we would go every 6 months as recommended then we would not have to make those urgent calls when something is wrong.  The bi-annual check-up takes up hardly any time, would nip the problem in the bud, as opposed to have root canal treatment which cost more and takes up so much more time.  Sometimes our postponement means that we are never really prepared for a rainy day.
  3. Financial illiteracy – the lack of how the Israeli financial system work finds so many of us working against the system as opposed working with it.  Do you understand how the banks work, our pension fund or even the tax system?  Take time to learn how these systems works, make appointments with your banker, insurance agent and accountant.  These meeting can save you and your family thousands of shekels.
  4. Everybody lives in overdraft.  You do not have to join that statistic, just prioritize your expenses.  Ask yourself whether you really need that item or are you trying to impress somebody who really doesn’t care about whether you have a certain item or not?  Learning to live within your means and managing your budget, will give you a quality of life being free of a financial burden which is full of debt.
  5. Fear of not knowing how to budget – like most skills in life you are either taught them by your parents, school, university or even self-taught.  If you want to learn how to budget successfully and become financially stable you can teach yourself, attend a course or turn to a professional like myself.


My simple 3 point system will push you forward in achieving your financial goals.  Contact me for a free financial consultation on 054-42 17 207 or contact me at

About the Author
Suzy Kahati was born in London, UK and made Aliyah in 1983. She is divorced with three wonderful daughters and lives in the center of Israel.