Find a fat cow and milk it

Cows are made to be milked and to be used their meats. If anyone concentrate on a life of a cow can understand that a cow is too gullible, because it will be cheated easily, in exchange for a little straw and grass it allows you to use it’s milk and meat.

Nowadays the global population the international community consider the Saudi Arabia as a fat cow for United State. Their relationship is completely mutual, like a cow and its owner. United State use Saudi not only for selling its weapons but also for using their money in terms of in order to fulfill it’s purposes in the middle east and instead of those, Saudi is happy because consider itself as an ally of America the U.S ally.

Every day the American authorities seek for a reason to milk Saudi Arabia. One of the most important reason that they could find refers to some weeks ago when a Washington Post journalist was killed in Saudi consulate in Turkey. However, it was obvious that Saudi had done the murder, the Trump administration showed a cheap and little reaction against Saudi kingdom. American officials seized the opportunity and tried to show Saudi as an infallible, since they could find a great chance for milking the fat cow of middle east.

But the important point in here is that, America claims we are the nation of democracy and humanity but Jamal Kassoggi was killed by Saudi Arabia and all around the world understood that who was his murderer, but America just tried to make itself stronger by milking the Saudi and kept quiet in this issue.

About the Author
Elnaz Sotoodeh is from Tehran. She is an English translator for several news websites.